Trails Of Azra, Platform Puzzle Game Enters Steam Greenlight

One of the latest games to hit Steam Greenlight is Trails Of Azra. It’s a strange mix of puzzle solving and platforming, giving gamers some interesting ways of utilizing possession to progress. With that said, developer Onion Core seeks votes for its latest game on Greenlight.

Sure it could use some more polishing with its pixels, but to know that it’s on Steam Greenlight and not about some strange goal of trying to get back to your mom or running away from feces, it actually looked like a game with developers trying to make something decent.

The game takes on the old-school platform premise of navigating around a said location to reach the end goal without dying. To mix it up so that it won’t get repetitious, there are puzzles sprawled throughout the place to keep folks wondering how to get to point A to B.

This is where the devs really shake things up, to solve certain puzzles or to reach specific locations you will have to possess monsters with your magic to operate whatever it is that’s blocking your way. According to the trailer shown below, there are enemies with multiple purposes that players can utilize to get to higher places or stop other mechanics from working.

To basically sum up what you do in Trails Of Azra, you defeat or take control of your enemies to use them to solve “difficult puzzles.” Once in possession of an enemy, you can go back and forth so that longer puzzles can be simplified to progress.

If this game sounds somewhat interesting, you can actually download the demo over on IndieDB to see how the mechanics operate or if it’s something worth voting for on Greenlight. However, if you don’t feel like heading on over to download the demo for the game, you can check out the video trailer that Onion Core posted to its YouTube channel.

As seen in the video, the game will also feature local co-op. The second player will control the possessed enemy, and could possibly make or break the experience of solving a difficult puzzle. With that said, you can head on over to Steam Greenlight to learn more about Trails Of Azra.


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