The Sandbox 2 gives players God-like powers to build their own worlds

Developers Pixowl originally created the first game The Sandbox, back in 2012 as an iOS title. Now they’re back and bigger than ever with their new title, The Sandbox 2. The story follows The Creator and Gaia, the Goddess of earth, as they shape the earth, create life, and destroy everything they created. The fun part? You have all of this power in your hands to build and destroy whatever you want.

the sandbox 2-2

Essentially, The Sandbox 2 is an 8-bit game creator that allows you to quickly and easily build your own world, shape your own stages, create your own story, and then dive in to play around in the world you created. Players have a multitude of tools at their disposal to create a pixel-perfect world in a matter of minutes. You can then take direct control of one of the avatar characters, and jump around, fight and play in the world you created. One of the aspects about this concept that sounds so fun, is the ability to share your completed projects online so that others can play them as well.

The Sandbox 2 isn’t just a creation game though, there are four different campaign modes, as well as dozens of different challenges you can complete to keep you coming back for more. As a bonus, there is also a Chiptune music editor that allows players to create their own music and play it back. Some of the platform elements are actually pretty cool, and I was very suprised to see how the game actually plays and how cool it looks. The developers posted up close to a dozen or more short clips and trailers showing gameplay and crafting mechanics, so I shared two of those videos down below just so you can see what The Sandbox 2 is all about.

The Sandbox 2 – Sequence 1

Game Introduction and Tutorial

The Sandbox 2 – Ninja Hero Preview

We’ve added to ‪#‎thesandbox2‬ a Ninja hero with many new skills and a whole new set of traps, enemies and checkpoints! How cool is it? What do you think of the art & gameplay?

The developers say that they would like to launch for PC and MAC, as well as mobile devices  iOS and Android all at the same time. So if you would like to see The Sandbox 2 make its way to PC and Steam, you can vote for them on Steam Greenlight to help them get accepted. You can also visit the official Pixowl website for further details.


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