The Division Incursion DLC Launches April 12th

The upcoming Incursion DLC pack for The Division is set to go live on April 12th. The new DLC features brand new Incursion missions along with an all new underground water-treatment facility to explore.

Blues picked up the news from the Ubisoft Blog, where they detailed all the new missions and opportunities that will be available for gamers to get new gear and equipment.

They’ve introduced four new rare gear sets, increased the level cap to 30, introduced a new way of leveling for players at the end of the game, and made loot trading possible. Don’t expect to perform any fancy face-to-face transactions between players. Instead, you simply can choose to have those within your group pick up items you drop within a zone. And no, you can’t just loot trade anywhere in the Dark Zone… you will have to do it within the gate.

Speaking of the Dark Zone… some new assignments and side-quests have been added to the game to rotate on a daily basis so players can continually earn new Phoenix Credits and rare rewards on a day-in and day-out basis.

Ubisoft is also taking cues from the Daybreak Game Company’s H1Z1 by enabling aerial drops within the Dark Zone. These will be crates filled with rare gear that drop in various areas that will require fast reflexes and a tactical mind from players to get their hands on the loot before other players get in and take it all. The sky drops will happen periodically and they won’t be contaminated, so you can just leave once you get it instead of extracting it the traditional way.

Ubisoft also increased the higher level AI’s combat strategies. They can now deploy turrets and aerial drones to help aid them during battle.

The Incursion DLC isn’t the only expansion pack that Ubisoft has in mind to give away for free in The Division. They’re also planning on giving away the next pack, Conflict, for free. It will introduce more Dark Zone features and take place within New York’s Columbus Circle.

Following the release of the Incursion and Conflict updates, three paid DLC packs will be released throughout the rest of 2016 for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

The Division still has a few exploitable glitches, so I wonder if Ubisoft will address those in the next update? So far there have been some scattered reports about hackers. In one thread they mention that the hacking could get worse with the addition of sky drops in the Incursion update, so they’re hoping Ubisoft addresses the Dark Zone hackers soon. Some were hoping Ubisoft would employ the zero-tolerance policy they announced for Rainbow Six: Siege, where if you get caught hacking you get hit with the banhammer… permanently.

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