TennoCon: Warframe Convention Tickets Go On Sale

The first annual TennoCon will take place this year on July 9th at the London Convention Center in London, England. Independent developer Digital Extremes will be hosting the event, and have invited any and everyone from within their pool of 22 million registered players to attend in person by purchasing tickets to the event.

Players will be able to get some firsthand insight into the development of Warframes, from the concept phase to the finished product, as well as learn more about how Digital Extremes comes up with new content for Warframe. The event will play host to various panels where different developers from the team will talk about Warframe, the Tenno, the combat, the story and the weapons.

For everyone who is unable to attend, they will be hosting the panels via live-stream, so everyone the world around with access to Twitch.tv will be able to tune in.

Warframe – Twitch

Here’s a few things to keep in mind when chatting with us during the livestreams: 1. Don’t spam the chat* 2. Don’t be rude 3. Don’t use all caps *We know the chat can move very fast, it’s ok to repost something, just keep it to a minimum.

It just won’t be a meet-and-greet with the developers, though. A lot of gamers will also be able to showcase their skills in some live gameplay sessions, with booths and stations setup running Warframe. The press release notes that it will be a prime opportunity for clan members, guilds and bitter rivals to meet for real, face-to-face.

Additionally, they will host a developer live-stream at the event where Digital Extremes will discuss some of the new content they have planned on the roadmap of development for Warframe, including new quests, new story elements and new gameplay enhancements.

For those willing to attend the event in person on July 9th, you can pick up tickets at varying prices for certain benefits. $25 nets you all-day access to the TennoCon, while $75 will net you all-day access plus some special in-game swag and an exclusive TennoCon t-shirt. If you can swing it, there’s a $250 VIP package that will grant you a limited edition Nyx collector’s statue, a studio tour of Digital Extremes, and a Canadian brunch with the Warframe development team.

You can learn more about the TennoCon and how to attend by paying a visit to the official Warframe website.


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