Tales Of Berseria Set To Arrive In The West On PC And PS4 Early 2017

Catching wind from Gematsu, Tales of Berseria will launch early next year in 2017. The source reports that Bandai Namco will release the game for PS4 and PC next year, which was once slated to have an August 18th release this year, and won’t have a PS3 western version.

The PS3 version will not release overseas, and will now come out sometime next year. Many fans don’t seem to be mad about the delay; I’m sure we should see some new stuff for the title when the game lands on store shelves early next year. Furthermore, Berseria will keep the traditional skit system of characters talking to each other, which stands as way to connect the player to the characters.

Following alongside this is the Switch Blast mechanic that enhances the player’s strategic advantage, focusing on switching characters in battles to back up or help other characters. This is obviously a technique that will help players out in the long run, due to the Switch blast character honing another “Soul” than other characters when joining a battle.

In addition to the Switch Blast that’s tied to characters’ Blast Gauge, you can use this to execute other skills, and can be filled up by using “Break Soul.” I image that this will add a sophisticated amount of skill instead of mashing one button down since the Blast Gauge offers an upper hand in battles.

Aside from that, we also receive some pleasing screenshots courtesy of Gematsu, which shows various characters in the upcoming Tales Berseria entry, as seen below.

Tales Of Berseria

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Bandai Namco will release Tales of Berseria early next year in 2017 in the west, and will be for both PS4 and PC, while the Japanese release will have a PS3 debut. This news arrives after the original release date for the game when it had an August 18th, 2016 launch.


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    1. With Velvet being the main character of the game and her outfit being very unique, her design is already looking to be iconic already.

      Therefore if they really did get her outfit censored, imagine the sheer shitstorm it would create. XD

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