Swordy: Physics-Based Melee Combat Game Looking For Greenlight Approval

Swordy looks like the type of hilarious fun you would play with your mates over the weekewnd and laugh until your sides hurt.

Swordy is developed by Frogshark, a indie team that has made a melee arena game that pits players against each other in this brutal physics-based, hack-and-slash game. Sword swings are based on movement and momentum, so swing hard and deal out heavy damage, swing fast with a light weapon and it will eat faster, but possibly deal out less damage. Based on what I have seen so far, it looks like Swordy will have some really hilarious moments when you attempt to kill your opponent with your wild swings.

It appears that Swordy will have up to eight combatants in the arena at once, all fighting to be victorious and best their rivals. Sadly, this is a local deathmatch style game, so there won’t be any online matches available. The developers said in a Greenlight discussion that they would like to have online multiplayer, but due to the fact the game is physics based, they fear that any type of lag will ruin the physics based gameplay which will make combat very difficult. However, they have said that there will be AI controlled opponents, so even if you don’t have anyone to play with you locally, the AI can still keep you company and give you a challenging fight.

Wow, such skill.

As for weapons, there are a variety of weapons players can choose from in game. Players can slaughter each other using large swords, giant hammers, swinging flails, small daggers, Axes, and even shields. It appears that the hammer is a slow swinging weapon that does heavy damage, while the dagger is smile, fast and lightweight for quick thrusts and easy kills.

Players drop in similar to the Hunger Games, everyone starts off together in a circle, then there is a mad dash to grab whatever weapon is closet to you so that you can kill your opponents before they kill you.

Swordy also uses a twin-stick control scheme, which means you can move in one direction while attacking your opponent in the opposite direction, this control system will help give players a bit more control with their attacks to keep them alive, and time a well placed hit to decimate their opponents. You can watch the official Swordy gameplay trailer that I linked down below.

SWORDY Announcement

Swordy is a colorful and emergent local multiplayer physics based brawler. Harness momentum and timing using analogue controls. https://swordygame.com Frogshark is an independent game development studio based in New Zealand. https://www.frogshark.com Follow us on Twitter https://twitter.com/frogshark to get regular updates!

Swordy is currently on Steam Greenlight and is looking for votes to be approved for Steam, and will be available for Xbox One and PC sometime this year in 2016 after it launches. If you are interested you can also visit the official website for additional details about the game.


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