Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization Set To Release October 27th In Japan

Fans of Bandai Namco’s Sword Art Online games will finally be able to get their hands on Hollow Realization later this year on October 27th, in Japan. As of now, no western release dates have been announced, but the new release date does bring along with it an extended new trailer of the second version that debuted in March.

The game doesn’t have an official western release date, but it does sport a Japanese release of October 27th, for PS4 and PS Vita. This news arrives thanks to Gematsu, which also reveals the extended trailer to the original second March video debut.

Additionally, most hardcore fans already know how most of the trailer plays out if they watched it a month ago. But if you didn’t see the trailer, it basically shows different scenarios of combat, character customization, exploration and various characters in the world of SOA.

The actual video only runs around three minutes and 25 seconds while the other minute shows some other stuff, but offers a nice glimpse into the game. Looking away from the trailer, Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization will sport the typical first-print special edition that will feature a limited edition packaging, soundtrack CD, a box with Abec illustrations, a special Blu-ray disc, a mini poster and a NerveGear Vol. 04.

Something else that’s worth mentioning, Bandai Namco also confirmed that there will be some new playable characters. These characters will arrive in the form of Philia and Strea in Hollow Realization. If you want to catch-all of the above in action you can check out the video below, courtesy of Bandai Namco‘s YouTube channel.

For those pumped for the latest game of Sword Art Online, they will be able to get it for both PS4 and PS Vita on October 27th, over in Japan. As for western folks waiting to get the game, no known release date has been announced officially yet.


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