Super Impossible Road Set To Hit Steam Early Access This April

Set to hit Steam Early Access this month, although we are near the end of April — meaning that the game should drop soon — developer Wonderful Lasers features the Super Impossible Road as “coming soon” on its Steam Early Access page. The four player Sci-Fi racing game, Super Impossible Road, will be available for both PS4 and PC this year.

It’s easy to say that the game is light on the eyes, as well as simple in theory and concept. There isn’t anything that makes the game complex aside from other opponents trying to knock each other off a very small platform that twists and turns.

You can compare it to something like Monkey Ball, or Tower Unite‘s encapsulated ball run. With that said, the game being as simple as it is, it can get a little crazy and complex since all of your counterparts are sharing the same road to victory.

Looking back to the simple environment that stands as the race track, players will be able to use other means to get ahead by rolling off one platform to another beneath them to get to the flag pole faster. In addition, cheating ahead won’t be a routine since the maps are procedurally generated to stop those from doing the same thing every time.

If you’ve never seen the game before, and want to get a nice look at the colorful speedway and techno spheres that contenders will assume, you can do so by checking out the Early Access and the PlayStation 4 trailers.

SUPER IMPOSSIBLE ROAD – Steam Early Access Trailer

SUPER IMPOSSIBLE ROAD is a futuristic racing game in which cheating is the only way to win. Coming soon to Steam Early Access. Vote now on Steam Greenlight!


SUPER IMPOSSIBLE ROAD is a futuristic racing game in which the only way to win is by cheating. Get the drop on your rivals is by taking huge leaps across the roller coaster-like speedway. These risky overtaking maneuvers can take you straight into the lead, or drop you mercilessly into the void.

As seen in the trailers, the game will features four player split screen, eight player online and a single player mode. Lastly, the single player mode will feature the common basics in most racing games, which includes a leaderboard attack mode, and a full career mode.

The game should drop any moment this month for Steam Early Access. For more information pertaining to Super Impossible Road, you can head on over to


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One thought on “Super Impossible Road Set To Hit Steam Early Access This April

  1. Reminds me of the days of Jet Moto and Fzero where I would try to do an epic track jump to cheat and take a short cut, see that I would make it, only for the magical Anti-cheat gods to come down and respawn me because it didn’t think I could make the jump. Finally, a game that won’t hold back my track jumping skills. I approve.

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