Suicide Squad Trailer Reveals Batman And More Of The Joker

DC Entertainment and Warner Bros are still trying to salvage the DC Universe as they attempt to create shared experiences across their properties. After Batman v Superman failed to ignite interest, DC is hoping to recover the fumble with Suicide Squad. Based on the latest trailer, it’s impossible for me to think they’re on the right path.

ComicBook FilmAwards tweeted out the latest trailer coming out of the MTV Movie Awards for Suicide Squad, and it’s two and a half minutes of what looks like will end up being a gloriously entertaining but horribly jumbled mess.

SUICIDE SQUAD Official Trailer #3 (2016) Margot Robbie Superhero Movie HD – SUICIDE SQUAD Official Trailer #3 (2016) Margot Robbie Superhero Movie HD Buy SUICIDE SQUAD graphic novels here: A secret government agency recruits imprisoned supervillains to execute dangerous black ops missions in exchange for clemency.

I don’t know where this trailer fits as far as the promotional roadmap. Usually there’s a teaser trailer, a story trailer, an action trailer, and a launch trailer. I’m assuming two of the previous trailers worked as a teaser and story trailer but I have no idea what this one works as, other than giving us what looks like some glimpse of Batman saving Harley Quinn, as well as Batman giving chase to the Joker in the Batmobile.

On the plus side at least it appears as if there’s some kind of continuity between David Ayer’s Suicide Squad and Zack Snyder’s Batman v Superman. The Batmobile looks the same, but Batman appears to be younger and thinner. This likely means that the clips involving The Dark Knight could be contained to a flashback sequence, possibly even how Harley met the Joker.

Suicide Squad

We also see Batman with a breathing apparatus as he takes a dive into the water. I’m not entirely sure what’s up but it looks like the car chase likely ends with whoever he’s chasing driving off into the water. He saves them (presumably Harley?) and brings them ashore. I doubt Batman will have a significant role in the film but it definitely adds to the already expansive cast.

As for Jared Leto’s Joker… I’m still not sure what to make of him, but it’s hard for me to get any sort of Joker vibe from his portrayal thus far. He just seems like a psychopath with face paint, and not necessarily the Clown Prince of Crime.

Anyway, the trailer leads one step closer to the August 5th release.


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4 thoughts on “Suicide Squad Trailer Reveals Batman And More Of The Joker

  1. That trailer actually made my already nonexistent confidence in this film hit negatives. With the Suicide Squad cast already so large, the heavy focus this trailer put on Batman and the Joker makes them feel more important to the film than most of the characters on the poster line-up. Some of whom still have not actually gotten a line or money shot, implying to me they’re likely only in the film to die early for shock value.

    Also, Will Smith’s Deadshot is increasingly seeming to just be Will Smith yet again playing Will Smith. And I get that’s why you generally hire the man, but he does have a bit more range. He could have actually been Deadshot instead of Willsmithshot.

    1. ” the heavy focus this trailer put on Batman and the Joker makes them feel more important to the film ”

      If you don’t want to talk potential plot theories, don’t read any more! 😀

      I was talking the story over with some other people on youtube in quite a bit of detail, and we think we guessed the main plot (even who will live and die). I think Batman will only be in the beginning to set up the story. Joker and Harley cause trouble in the city, Batman does the car chase, they have a bit of a tussle, Batman saves the day and throws them in Arkham.
      No more Batman. The rest of the movie is about the suicide Squad’s mission and Joker breaking out of prison as the mission goes south. I think when that happens, Joker tries to get Harley to betray the rest of the team and join him, just so that we get a main antagonist among all these villains. That is my theory anyways. This will set us up for the next Standalone Batman movie, which a lot of people think will be “Under The Red Hood”…

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