Street Fighter 5’s Alex Gets New Guide Video And Modded Winter Jacket

Capcom recently debuted the new character Alex and his move set, which is shown in a new video guide for Street Fighter V on PC and PS4. The trailer or guide goes over the basic moves like his Uniques, Normals and his V-actions. This is also accompanied by some new mods that give him a new face and a winter jacket.

With his latest video guide — which I’m sure most veteran players don’t need — those on PC and PS4 looking to learn how to perfect Alex’s move set will now have an official video guide to turn to. The video goes through his basic move set,  introducing players to his grappling style, and even displays the button combinations to execute his moves successfully.

The first thing shown is his “Basics.” The video below teaches folks what the moves do and what kind of scenarios they work best in. This goes across the board with his Uniques, Specials, Critical Arts and V-Actions.

If you are in need of learning some of the basics of Alex’s move set or need to examine some of his advanced techniques, you can watch his official character guide courtesy of Street Fighter‘s YouTube channel.

After seeing the above for both PC and PS4, the former has a new skin and design for Alex that comes from modder PFunk. If you’ve been playing Street Fighter V for sometime now you probably heard of modder PFunk before, who is the one behind the Q skin for M. Bison. You can check out his work below.

sfv alex 2sfv alex 4If the images aren’t enough, you can view his moves and his new skins in the videos below, which a lot of fans seem to really enjoy courtesy of SFV Mods.

This mod gives Alex his winter jacket (seen in his art cut-scenes in SFIII) as an alternate costume that replaces his story outfit. If you want to download them now, you can head on over to PFunk’s deviantart page to check them out.


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