Steampunk Syndicate- RTS Tower Defense looking for Greenlight approval

Steampunk Syndicate is a new indie game that focuses on real time strategy and protecting your base using tower defenses.

By the looks of the Steam Greenlight page, it was made by just one guy — Gushchin Dmitry. Perhaps the page will be updated soon with more information about the developers involved in the game.

steampunk 2

The story is about a revolution that has broke out in the world, the rebels Vs the Steampunk Syndicate. The rebels are slowly being defeated and are on the verge of being wiped out. The rebels have created a secret weapon, a giant steam powered robot that they call The Defender, which is nearing completion. However, the Steampunk Syndicate has learned of its development and has sent forces to try and destroy it. Your job is to defend that robot at all costs and hold off the enemy forces.

So far, Steampunk Syndicate has four major towers that you can use in game to defend your base, which consists of a flamethrower, a gatling gun, a bomber, and an electrobot. The developers also say that there will be special units you can deploy as well to assist in battle, and that you will be able to take control of these special heroes to help turn the tide of battle, as well as customize your Steam robot with armor, weapons and parts to make it more unique.

The visual art-style is themed after the cute cartoon style, set in a bright and vibrate Steampunk world, it certainly looks interesting, especially for fans of Steampunk and tower defense games. You can take a look at the below trailer to see what Steampunk Syndicate looks like in game.

Steampunk Syndicate – EPIC NEW TD GAME

Watch the trailer of our brand new tower defense game – Steampunk Syndicate. In this game, made in steampunk setting, you are being suggested to lead the rebels struggling against organization called Syndicate. Steampunk Syndicate is coming soon on PC, Android and iOS.

For now, the developers are looking to get Steampunk Syndicate on Steam Greenlight, so if you are interested you can head over and cast your vote. They are currently planning on getting Steampunk Syndicate to launch on PC, Android, and iOS mobile devices.

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