StarBreak, 2D Action MMO Set To Come Out For PC On May 3rd

StarBreak is a new 2D shooter game made by Crunchy Games, and is currently set to hit Steam on May 3rd for PC. However, pixel fans can get their hands on the game early with a new playable demo on the devs official site.

StarBreak offers those looking for 2D action, similar to Metal Slug and Mercenary Kings, multiplayer interaction with a side of endless enemies in a Sci-Fi setting. According to the devs, the game will be a MMO that lets all sorts of players team up or explore other planets as loners.

In addition to this, the developers also note that it will be a unique skill based platformer and will also incorporate different types of boss and legion battles throughout. This includes dangerous aliens and big boss battles on different planets. This is noted below in the game’s official description.

“StarBreak is a unique skill-based action platformer MMO where you explore strange sci-fi worlds alongside dozens of other players, kill legions of dangerous aliens and fight epic boss battles.”

The game is really fast and has a lot going on, which includes both players and enemies. With that said, if you like fast pace action with a lot of exchanging of fire you might fancy StarBreak. However, I’m not entirely sure the how RPG elements will be in this game, but if you want to see what StarBreak has to offer you can play the demo on Crunchy Games’ site.

If you want to check out the most recent trailer showing a nice portion of the upcoming game’s content, you can view the minute and a half long video below.

StarBreak Steam Trailer

StarBreak is an MMO with action-platforming gameplay, perma-death, and procedural content generation. Coming to Steam soon, add to your Wishlist:

Those that find Crunchy Game’s 2D action platformer, StarBreak, to be interesting you can check out the game on Steam, or you can visit the official site.

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