Special Tactics, SWAT Turn-Based Shooter Now Available On Early Access

Turn-based SWAT shooter game, Special Tactics, by Beast Mode Games is now available to play on Steam Early Access. The highly tactical game that’s for iOS and Android is now out for PC and offers those who like top-down CQB a nice plethora of maps and modes to run through.

If you are familiar with the older mobile version of this game, you can certainly expect some of the same features in this iteration. Although the game is very simple at first glance, it can be very intense and challenging when in the heat of the moment.

To help the sudden impact and to ease the terror around the corner, custom loadouts and weapon equipment/customization will be at the player’s disposal to eliminate any known or unknown threats while going through the tactical motion.

Special Tactics also calls for different strategies, which presses for precise judgement and correct placement of your squad mates to ensure no one dies, and that all objectives are complete. In addition to its tactics, the game sorta reminds me of the old Rainbow Six games gone top-down, or like the old Ghost Recon games with the line and cursor with directing your teammates on the map.

With that said, if you like hardcore tactical-based shooter games you can check out the official trailer that Beast Mode Games recently posted in wake of the game’s Early Access debut.

For those that might not like earning trophies and medals through the single player mode, there’s also a multiplayer mode to spice up the single tactical experience. Other modes can be accessed as well, like Survival which puts players’ skills to the test with increasing numbers of enemies while trying to defuse a bomb.

The game is currently 10% off over on Steam Early Access, which drops its original price from $9.99 to $8.99. If you want to get Special Tactics, you can head on over to Early Access to do so, or you can learn more about the devs and the game by visiting their main site.


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3 thoughts on “Special Tactics, SWAT Turn-Based Shooter Now Available On Early Access

  1. Looks like Door Kickers, which is a game I really enjoy (and should get back to playing). But I think that’s a good thing because I wish there were more games of this kind. All hail the gaming copy-cats and clones!

    1. It’s safe to laugh at me since I didn’t know what Door Kickers was, until I looked it up. But, wow! This game copies a lot from DK. If I would have seen the latter, I would have added that in there.

      1. Don’t worry, most games fly under my radar or remain unplayed by me.

        Door Kickers is cool and I’m looking forward to trying this one as well.

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