So Long Earth, New Platformer Looks Like A 2D Version Of Mario Galaxy

So Long Earth is an indie platform adventure game developed by Edd Coast and the Bobble Devs. This new indie game has recently launched on Steam as an early access title on April 15, 2016, and so far it has been getting positive reviews for being a 2D version of Nintendo’s Super Mario Galaxy.

In So Long Earth, You play as a French mobster named Dominique Fayar that travels alongside his little minion friend from one planet to the next. After earth has been destroyed, Dominique has gone off to explore the universe using his odd looking spaceship. I’m not entirely sure what he is looking for or why he goes on his adventure, but from what I’ve seen, the concept so far looks really cool.

so long earthThe gameplay looks like it takes classic platforming elements, but adds in some more modern game mechanics to make it a bit more original. The stages are designed as circular planets that you can run all the way around from one end to the next, or for certain planets, go inside to further explore all the mysterious things that planet has to offer. It appears that every planet you visit will be unique from one another to make the experience of exploration fun and rewarding.

So Long Earth isn’t all about platforming, but will also have elements to test that brain of yours with a few puzzles that you will need to solve. The developers say that as you progress through the story and explore the universe, you will also learn more about Dominique’s past and his own personal story.

I’m also really liking the art style, it visually reminds me a bit of the Don’t Starve series with the character design and quirky story. You can check out the So Long Earth gameplay trailer, uploaded from Edd Coast‘s YouTube channel, that I linked down below.

So Long Earth – Official Trailer

Store Page:

So Long Earth is now available on the Steam store as an early access title,  so you can visit the provided link for additional information and further details.


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