Shoot’em Up Game Raiden V Coming West Exclusively For Xbox One In May

Taking on the classic Japanese shoot’em up premise, publisher and developer Moss announced that its upcoming game Raiden V will land exclusively on the Xbox One this May. The game is currently out over in Japan for Xbox One, which debuted back on February 25th.

I do have to admit that games like Space Invaders and Galaga can be very addictive, although they are very simple in concept. With that said, Moss’ latest space shooter game is no exception. Like most shoot’em up games that consist of strafing side-to-side and avoiding an onslaught of bullets, Raiden V will offer just that but in a top-down view.

The Xbox One exclusive isn’t really all that much different from other games that are on the line of Macross, aside from it being set in the world of RV. With that said, if you want to check out a few images or screenshots of the upcoming game, you can view them all below.

Raiden V Shoot’em Up

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I wouldn’t say that it’s the best top-down shoot’em up space-type game, but at least it’s far better than Chou Aniki (and I mean any of the games in that series). Something that does work for it is its real-time battlefield that adjusts to different types of actions. In addition, this also works with your friends while online, so anything they do will affect your game while playing with them.

Lastly, there will be the huge plethora of ships to choose from ranging in different colors, along with the long list of weapons that range from linear shots to spread shots, to laser beams and every else in between.

If you are looking forward to strapping in and shooting endlessly at non-stop enemies through various stages, Raiden V will be available for Xbox One this May. As of now, the shoot’em up game is out right now over in Japan, which debuted back in February 25th.


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