Review Report: HunieCam Studio Is Great For A Clicker, But Disappoints HuniePop Fans

The spiritual successor to HuniePop called HunieCam Studios has recently released on Steam. The game is a time management sim where players start off as a lowly pimp hiring in girls for a pornographic webcam operation. Seedy themes, I know. However, at the core of the game is a strategy title that offers teases about various kinks while supplying players with the means to keep their girls happy and their customers even happier.

Indie developer HuniePot let the title loose on Steam to a chorus of feedback at a moderate $6.99 price point. The game features 18 different cam girls that can be hired for the operation, as well as various activities to help train them, increase their skills, decrease their stress and generally keep them satisfied with the money they make with their webcam assets.

The game features a number of different outfits – more than 140 to be exact – lots of promotional options to get the cam studio off the ground, as well as a number of kinky accessories to increase viewership. Players will also have to battle against evil STDs such as chlamydia, syphilis and gonorrhea. It’s like a perverse, dumpster-slut sibling of Diner Dash.

You can check out the gameplay trailer below to get an idea of what the art-style and gameplay is like.

HunieCam Studio Release Trailer

HCS on Steam: HCS on Humble Store: [Coming Soon] In HunieCam Studio players take control of a sleazy cam girl operation. Rake in stacks of filthy internet money and attract as many disgusting fans as you can in this fast paced, click happy and thoroughly perverted take on the business tycoon / management sim genre!

The very obvious and risque material was an instant win for some gamers, garnering a lot of feedback and plenty of thumbs up. Users like Boy Better Know made an easy recommendation, stating…

“It’s a clicker game where you pimp out girls to cam (to make money) and take sexy photos (to make fans) and make sure you have enough booze and smokes for them so they don’t get stressed out.


“It’s probably one of the most well polished clicker games on steam though.”

Erik seems to have a solid grasp on the kind of game HuniePot was going for, writing in favor of the game enthusiastically…

“The game itself is about what you’d expect. It’s a management game with all that entails. Essentially it boils down to: Make money, spend it to get better at making money, make more money. It’s really what’s in between that counts, and boy howdy does it count.


“I’m not going to hide it. This is a game for perverts, who want to have fun playing a pervert game. But it’s pretty compelling for one of those.”

While some like the pervy content and strategic elements, others feel as if HunieCam Studios doesn’t quite live up to the lewdness of the original nor the charm. Even still, users like t’Guile enjoys the new title despite preferring the original, writing…

“A clicker gamestyle where it’s pretty slow until you hit 5+ girls. Once you unlock sleazy motel, girls can become unusable because of STDs like hepatitis, HIV, AIDS. CGs are unlocked after each playthrough whereby you obtain “wardrobe tokens”, purchasing all of a girls wardrobe unlocks a lewd cg. Dunno if there’s multiple.


“New artstyle is kinda meh, original huniepop was better.”

Mek wanted to remind gamers that even if the art-style has changed slightly, the visual aesthetics are still somewhat the same, and that the humor is still well and intact…

“For those who played Hunie Pop, the cute aesthetic and more importantly the humour and great voice acting are all here. I’m not sure what’s in store as you progress though… “

HunieCam Studio

J!NX sums it up as a game that’s probably best suited for mobile devices, despite being fun for what it is, writing…

“It’s a cute tycoon game that is probably worth the $7. You’ll have fun and laugh, but it will get repetitive pretty quick. This game would probably be more suited as an iOS or Andrroid game.


“You’ll basically be sitting in your seat for an hour clicking on your screen mindlessly not even knowing what the end goal is. In the end you can continue building in your town or you can start a new game and try to beat your score.”

Lady Chaos took an opposite stance on the same topic, turning the discussion around and saying that the repetitive clicking nature of the game makes it boring, writing…

“HunieCam is just boring. I know there were some discussions about art style, but this isn’t what bothers me. There’s really no substance in this game. It’s not a good time management either. It feels rushed and too fast paced, to the point where it feels like a chore rather than fun experience. Worth to play only out of curiosity, nothing more.”

Chaos isn’t alone. Others also feel as if HunieCam is a pale successor to the great lewdness that is HuniePop.

Ashyne basically mirroed what Lady Chaos wrote, stating that after 15 minutes of play you’ve already experienced just about everything there is to the game, writing…

“The game is extremely shallow. The entire gameplay revolves around building up music notes and style points, to get more money from camming and fans from photoshoots respectively. Then buying cigs and liquor and sending girls to the spa to lower their stress. And repeat that over and over until you are completely bored after only a few minutes. All while you spam clicks to speed things up.”

HunieCam Studio

Mvllsk offers a more nuanced review, taking in more of the conceptual elements of the game rather than just saying it’s “fun” or “boring” at face value. They essentially surmise that HunieCam is a lot more shallow than they would have expected and that they miss they connection that HuniePop offered with the girls. They feel as if the game’s speedy, clicker-style functionality works against appreciating successes made in the game, as well as subverts the need to make a connection with the girls…

“The game lacks what made HuniePop great. You no longer connect with the girls. This was made obvious from the game concept at first glance, yes, but there is an absolute lack of personality from all the girls.” […]


“I was accepting the shallow modifier options in HuniePop because the game offered more depth in the personality of each of the characters and hence gameplay depth wasn’t as important. But this game removed the connection between the player and the girls and therefore I wished a more strategical gameplay element would have been added instead. But nope, your options are pretty limited.

It’s interesting because that sentiment above is oftentimes echoed in various negative reviews about the game: that it either needed more fan-service or needed more gameplay depth. It seems to be a slice of one and only half a dozen of the other. No full loaf of bread here.

Dubesor also wasn’t very fond of the lack of sim mechanics and gameplay depth, writing…

“You constantly have to re-send your camgirls to do stuff manually. Buying cigarettes for the 500th time is not fun, it’s boring. You can’t set any schedules for them, everything is done manually and repeatedly. So every few seconds requires input that you already did hundreds of times. And the game is fast-paced and rushed. One playthrough will last around 2 hours. You can replay for a highscore but there are no more gameplay elements other than the ones you find in the first few minutes. The voice-acting was good though. “

Viscera manages to strike a balance between the good and bad when it comes to HunieCam Studio. They note that you won’t find the next Civilization here and you certainly aren’t going to get Winged Cloud-levels of ecchi art, but they note that it’s a game that offers enough content to make the price justified…

“Overall, it’s a pretty enjoyable, but not very big game, whose appeal lies in the unusual theme and the challenge of the time pressure. Considering that, the asking price is pretty fair. If you want an epic game where you build the ultimate camgirl empire, it’s probably not the right game for you. But if you can find enjoyment in a rather tricky management sim and don’t mind clicker game elements, it might be worth considering.”

HunieCam Studio is available right now for $6.99 on the Steam store, you can also learn more by visiting the official website.


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9 thoughts on “Review Report: HunieCam Studio Is Great For A Clicker, But Disappoints HuniePop Fans

  1. I mean, I guess it’s worth it considering it only costs a few bucks, but after huniepop I guess I just expected there to be a bit more to it. After one brief playthrough you’ve nearly seen everything it has to offer.

  2. I was bored out of my mind by this game. If they wanted to make this game worth playing taking a few days to create some animations, they don’t have to even be detailed, of the girls doing whatever they are doing would have gone a long ways towards making this game interesting and engaging. As it is, I am watching buckets fill up with stuff which I click to make it happen faster. Then I empty those buckets and start again…lacking interaction or characterization of any kind turns this game into a chore not worth the price. And no, this was not a fun clicker or even a well made clicker. A well made clicker gives feedback when you are doing something…there is no feedback here.

  3. It’s not a $7 game, it’s a $3 game at best because even with the outfits there’s really no re-playability except maybe once, after twice you can easily get the top score.

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