Real Life Hoverboard Test Flight Has Skeptics Yelling ‘Fake!’

This is more non-gaming news, but Zapata Racing just released a test flight video for their jet-powered hoverboard called the Flyboard. It’s literally a hoverboard that flies in the air and runs on a fuel fed through a backpack on the wearer. The test flight video they released looks extremely impressive, but that hasn’t stopped a good deal of people from thinking the whole thing is a hoax.

Blues spotted the video that was recently posted up on the Zapata Racing YouTube channel over the weekend. The video clocks in at two and a half minutes and features Franky Zapata’s flying hoverboard in action. You can check it out below.

It’s definitely a lot more… aggressive than the hoverboards from Back to the Future II. However, if this ever became a real product it would make travel a lot quicker so long as you weren’t traveling far.

As noted by sites like The Independent, the board can fly up to 10,000 feet into the air with 10 minutes of full use and a top speed of 150km/h. They also note that Zapata isn’t new to the aerial transporation arena. Some of you might remember Zapata’s water-powered hoverboard that he created previously. Here’s a video as a gentle reminder.

Despite the video evidence some people were quick to yell “Fake!”. It’s a common thread from those on the YouTube page, news articles and even on the official Zapata Racing Facebook page.

People like heat bill stated that what was on display in the video above was not physically possible, writing…

“What, another f–king video showing the same bull shit. You really need to study basic physics. How much thrust is needed to lift a man into the air (flight)? On final approach to landing I see very little disturbance of the water below. All kinds of shit should be blowing around, right?”

Residue felt the same way, stating that the whole thing was terrible CGI…

“Keep posting another fake video as if you are proving something. 😀 Shitty blurry cgi and why is the jetski “following” him non stop? 😀 dude give up.”

John Dangle wasn’t buying it either, claiming that the press was in on the hoax and are stupid and gullible, writing…

“Biggest fake moment at 1:47 the “pan around” shot is clearly a drone camera rotating around, not a human head go pro. The press is either fucking gullible as fuck or complicit as fake videos keep getting stupid press.”

After all of the skeptics came forward to denounce the video as fake, Franky Zapata posted up a video on his official Facebook page, stating…

“For those who think the Flyboard Air is a fake….. A normal training day @ ZR …. Stay tuned this week end we break a record “

You can see the video below that Zapata posted to prove that the hoverboard is not fake.

The Facebook video managed to silence some of the more harsh criticisms, as it was difficult to point out how the video could be faked. Even still, some believed that there was a crane around somewhere that was edited out in post production.

As some astute but cynical viewers pointed out, the hoverboard is cool nonetheless, real or fake, but they also pointed out that even if it is real there’s no way it would be cleared by the FAA.


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22 thoughts on “Real Life Hoverboard Test Flight Has Skeptics Yelling ‘Fake!’

  1. It could be fake, people have faked things like this before for plenty reasons.
    To hype an idea, to set imaginations running wild, to get people’s reactions or for marketing, etc.
    Works specially well when it’s something people have dreamed about before and they manage to make it seem just attainable enough to get through people’s suspension of disbelief.
    Or it could be real.
    Time will tell.

      1. even if its real, not showing the takeoff/landing just made it look fake, just a poor editing job

    1. They don’t show the landing either. They cut away and they show the guy bouncing on the thing. No actual daylight is shown underneath it.

      Its either fake or the video was made to look like its fake.

      1. He would have to be Superman without the Tether to his other flying platform above him 😉

    1. at the moment it is not because there is only the one, and Zappata is the only person who can fly it. in about a decade there will probably be a sit down version that anyone with some skill will be able to fly.

  2. The footage/tests were done in public places – with lots of people and cell phones. Where are all of the bystander videos? Where are public who witnessed this? 250lbs thrust is /NOT/ quiet – It’s buggers loud – where are the witnesses or noise complaints?

    1. 250 lbs of thrust per turbine. there are 4 turbines to produce vertical thrust and 2 smaller turbines for stabilization.

  3. To the non-believers who are asking about why the jet ski is following closely…..EVER HEARD ABOUT SAFETY DURING TESTING? I am pretty sure that if this guy drops in the water he will most likely go down like lead.

  4. Franky used an “Independent Propulsion Unit” Which is a Jetpowered lift Unit that flys above him, It’s follows him Autonomously, He is tethered to it to provide the Lift, He may also have minor Power units in the base platform. There is ZERO chance that the Lift and horizontal propulsion result from the lower platform ALONE. The video is faked by removing any evidence of the Sky Tether Wire.

  5. Finally I’ve been vindicated by Guiness’ with Zapata’s flying record….Not fake anymore, huh? What you got to say now?

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