Quench Tasks Players With Saving An endangered Animal Herd

Graphically, Quench isn’t much to look at with its low polygon count graphics, but I was intrigued by the concept of caring for a herd of elephants as they made their great pilgrimage to find the Eastern Elder Tree.

Axon Interactive has created a game about caring for a group of animals and protecting them from harm. You have the power to control nature and manipulate the weather to help your flock of animals in a variety of ways. The developers say on the Steam Greenlight page that they were inspired by different games, TV shows and movies to come up with this concept, comparing it to shows like Avatar: The Last Airbender and games like From Dust.

Quench is inspired by joyful classics such as The Lion King, Avatar: the Last Airbender, Journeyand Okami. If you’re wondering how it plays, it’s been compared to Lemmings, Populous or From Dust, because you control the environment while animals move on their own.

Using your powers to control weather, you will be able to summon rain to Quench fires, water plants to restore them back to life, and use it to calm enraged spirits. Wait, what? Yeah, I guess there are angry spirits in this game that will attack and try to harm your herd while they are on their journey.

Oh no... think of the baby elephants. Will someone please think of the baby elephants?!

Oh no… think of the baby elephants. Will someone please think of the baby elephants?!

Because your herd faces danger and isn’t safe, you can use the wind to speed them up or direct their movements, confuse enemies, and use it to shift sand dunes to navigate. You will also have the power to strike lightning from the heavens to create fire, revive fallen animals in your herd, and attack enemies that endanger your herd. The last ability is to create earth quakes to break open chasms, create fountains of water, stun the evil spirits, or destroy boulders that block your path. You will be put to the test to solve different puzzles to reach your destination.

Quench also has different tasks and objectives that you must complete while on your journey, such as being a shepherd to help different animal herds make their way to a safe zone. The shelter objective where you have to keep your herd alive in a specific location, a bit like a defensive mode. Force Of Nature requires you to suppress all dangerous threats in the area to survive for an allotted amount of time. And the last objective is to use your god-like powers to restore nature to save the environment. You can watch the Quench announcement trailer that I linked down below to see how all of these mechanics operate in game.

It sounds like there will be other animal herds in the game such as zebras, lions, wildebeests and a few others, and not just a herd of elephants. I’m not entirely sure at the moment if you will need to care for all the different animal types, or if they are just wild animals you will come across on your journey, but if you look at the bottom left corner of the screen it appears that you will be able to switch between the different animal herds, so assume you will be tasked with caring for multiple herds at the same time.

Quench is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to finish the game and add additional content, and they are also on Steam Greenlight, so if you are interested you can follow the provided links to show your support. Additionally, you can also visit their official website for further details about the game and story.


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