Quantum Break Promo Features Max Payne, Alan Wake Taking Turns Playing

Remedy Entertainment put together a fun little 42 second video featuring the protagonists from both Alan Wake and Max Payne, as they sit down to take turns playing Quantum Break.

Reviewers are already starting to file in their reviews for the third-person shooter and accompanying TV show, and YouTubers are already starting to roll out their videos and Let’s Plays. Remedy, however, decided to focus on a bit of their heritage with their latest video instead of doing the typical accolades or celebratory trailer featuring 11/10 – IGN “If we could fart GOTYs, we would fart this!”

Remedy Heroes Play Quantum Break

Making games is hard. Playing them is harder.

As noted by TechnoBuffalo, it’s pretty hilarious with Sam Lake portraying Max Payne and the face of Alan Wake sitting next to him, as they blast through the latest game from Remedy Entertainment.

Sam Lake’s face expressions are still priceless, his grimacing constipation look is as iconic today as it was back in the early aughts.

A lot of gamers who viewed the trailer were hoping that Shawn Ashmore stepped in to make a quick cameo or something, which could have been pretty funny.

Either way, the trailer helped raise more interest in Quantum Break than a lot of the other shill articles out there and ho-hum trailers that seemed to recycle a lot of themes. The actual gameplay, in my humble opinion, has been more impressive than what many of the promo pieces have let on. I’m curious to see how the story unfolds in the full game.

There is a multi-episode television show available as well that explains the backstory to some of the villains in the game, as well as sets up the storyline for what happens when players finally take control of Jack Joyce, played by Shawn Ashmore.

You can look for Quantum Break to arrive on Windows 10 and Xbox One starting April 5th. Given the system requirements and the fact that you have to have Windows 10 to play Quantum Break on PC, I tend to doubt it’s going to be that big of a seller on PC… but I could be wrong.


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