PS4 Exclusive Let It Die Gets New Teaser Trailer And Gameplay Videos

Publisher Goichi Suda and developer Grasshopper Manufacture recently published two new videos showcasing a teaser trailer and some partial gameplay for their third-person survival action game — Let It Die. The PS4 exclusive is set to come out sometime this year.

Goichi Suda is best known for his games like No More Heroes, Chainsaw Lollipop, Killer 7 and other stylized action titles, which brings us to his latest entry that is no exception to the above. The best way to sum up Let It Die is strange and dynamic, with loads of blood.

The third-person action game’s latest teaser trailer invites players into a really weird apocalyptic world that revolves around a dude in his underwear that transformers into a cyber road warrior. Although the trailer raises quite a few questions about the game, it’s something that will surely catch your attention if you’re into Suda’s games.

Let It Die will also feature “asynchronous online” multiplayer, which will present players with AI opponents whose behaviors are based on other player encounters. So, in other words, if you die with your character wearing some good gear, they could possibly show up in another person’s game with the same loot, or adjust to a certain style of gameplay.

If that sounds interesting, you can check out the two new videos below by GunhHo’s YouTube channel, which shows the official teaser trailer and a message from Suda-san along with GungHo Online Entertainment’s CEO Kazuki Morishita.

LET IT DIE – Teaser Trailer | PS4

Published by GungHo Online Entertainment and developed by Grasshopper Manufacture, LET IT DIE is an upcoming free-to-play survival action game. Death cancels everything, except the truth.

LET IT DIE PAX 2016 Announcement

Platform: PS4 Developer: Grasshopper Manufacture Rating: N/A Availability: TBA 2016 Website: From the creative mind behind Lolipop Chainsaw and No More Heroes comes LET IT DIE! Death cancels everything, except the truth in this upcoming free-to-play survival action game.

If you want to see more, it’s most likely that the devs will reveal even more content pertaining to Let It Die at PAX East, where the game is set to be playable at GungHo’s booth, as noted in the video. As of now, the game is set to come out sometime later this year, and will be exclusive to the PS4.


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