Portal Knights’ Ghost World Update Adds New Random Events, Dungeons

505 Games and Keen Games recently announced that Portal Knights has received some brand new content courtesy of the Ghost World update. The new content includes dungeons to explore, furniture to build, new random events and new character customization items.

The new random events is one of the biggest new features of the update, adding plenty of replayability to Portal Knights. The random events will occur throughout the game world, giving players miniature events to tackle wherever they happen to be adventuring. These new events are accompanied by several new enemies as well, including a new spider enemy, a Hollow Knight and a Mummy.

The enemies fit in with the new Ghost World content that includes new dungeons for players to explore, new bricks to use when crafting, and new decorative objects to fit in with the ghastly motif. They showcase some of the new content in a trailer for version 0.3.0 that you can check out below.

New rare materials and ingredients have been added, a brand new furniture set, decorative trophies, and props have been added to the game. Keen Games has also made UI improvements for crafting and arranging the screens for more accessible navigation.

Additional customization options have also been added to the game, including new eye shapes, new eye colors, new mouth shapes and additional voice packs have been included.

The combat has also been balanced out in regards to enemy AI behavior, with flying enemies going in for swoop-style attacks to afford melee-based players an opportunity to take them out.

Some game fixes, graphical improvements and performance optimizations have all been made. The 0.3.0 update is available now with the new Ghost World content. You can grab Portal Knights for 20% off for a limited amount of time for only $11.99. You can learn more about the game, which is currently still in Early Access, by either checking out the Steam store page or by visiting the official website.


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