PAX East 2016: Ruiner Video Reveals 15 Minutes Of Gore, Guns And Cyberpunk

At this year’s PAX East Reikon Games unleashed some actual footage of their upcoming title Ruiner. The Unreal Engine 4-powered isometric, hack-and-slash shooter is a balls-to-wall, hardcore sci-fi, cyberpunk game. It’s the kind of title where if you could imagine Perturbator realized as a video game, this would definitely be it.

Ruiner is gruesome and vicious, gory and uncompromising. It has the grunge and grit from a game like Hotline Miami, and seems to promise to carry the kind of nihilistic and gut-wrenching tone that Hatred promised but didn’t deliver.

That ominous synth vibe hovering over the slow-build gameplay is sick. I love it. You can check out the 15 minutes of gameplay below, as captured by IGN.

The combat in this game is beyond kick-butt. It’s both fast and strategic. You can’t just run in and gun and expect to survive. You have to use timing, you have to use your reflexes… you have kill like you mean it.

Dying is easy to do in the game, and the AI will not give you a quarter. They utilize skills, abilities and the same kind of weapons as you, so you have to fight smarter than them, you have to outwit them and you have to out-fight them. You have to be faster and more relentless, otherwise they’ll cut, shoot and hack you down easy.

There’s definitely a higher skill curve in Ruiner than Hotline Miami. You didn’t have to deal with teleporting enemies or turret traps in Hotline Miami, nor did you have to deal with enemies who could flank you by setting up a fire perimeter using Molotov cocktails.

The dash skill is an interesting thing to see in action because it requires players to plot out where they plan to go before they go there. I’m curious if there will be other situational skills like that?

At the 8:30 mark when the player uses the dash-and-slash combo, which is plain awesome. I can’t even think of a movie or anime quite like this – it’s kind of its own thing, which is also awesome because it brings back the kind of excitement that games from the 16 and 32-bit era used to elicit back when they were announced.

I’m really looking forward to Reikon Games’ Ruiner. They had a slick showing at this year’s PAX East in Boston, Massachusetts. You can look for the game to drop later in 2016 on PC. For more info feel free to pay a kind visit to the official website.


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