PAX East 2016: Beat Cop Is A Hardcore, 1980s Point-And-Click Game

Pixel Crow’s Beat Cop is a no-holds barred, hard-nosed point-and-click adventure game set on the grimy streets of New York City during the mid-1980s. Players take on the role of a disgraced, hard-edged cop who has been reduced to the street beat… hence the name, Beat Cop.

IGN managed to get 18 minutes worth of gameplay captured from the exhibition of Beat Cop by Pixel Crow and 11 Bit Studios at this year’s PAX East in Boston, Massachusetts. You can check out the gameplay video below to get an idea of what it’s like.

Beat Cop: An ’80s Pixel Art Adventure Game – PAX East 2016

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It’s pretty neat because you can hand out fines for violations, track down perps, talk to citizens and talk your way out of tough times. It reminds me a little bit of Papers, Please. You can also take bribes to make some extra cash on the side. Everything moves at a rather quick pace, so you’ll have to think fast and react on the fly. The bribery comes into play given that Kelly, the protagonist, has debts to pay like alimony. There’s a lot of stress inducing elements in Kelly’s life that players will have to work their way around.

Additionally, there’s a lot of random elements that take place – and given the alternate choices players can make during the the playthrough, it seems like a cool point-and-click adventure with some rogue-lite elements good for multiple playthroughs.

The 18 minutes kind of whiz by, the game has a surprisingly steep amount of immersive qualities to the gameplay. Gamers looking for a more hardcore point-and-click title, Beat Cop seems like something worth keeping an eye on.

The pixel graphics work well for the title, and I think the developers did a fantastic job of capturing that 1980s and 1990s New York City aesthetic that was ever-so-present in action movies made during that time.

Beat Cop is expected to drop on PC via Steam sometime during the fourth quarter of 2016. You can mark it down on your calendar or add the game to your wishlist by hitting up the Steam store page. Also, it’s a ballsy move from the developers having a replica of the General Lee in there from Dukes of Hazard with the Confederate flag on top… I guess that’s their way of giving a middle-finger to the puritanical direction that the politically correct America has moved in.


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