Overwatch Petition Jokingly Asks Blizzard To Remove Guns; Gets 13,600 Signatures

The Overwatch controversy surrounding Blizzard censoring an over-the-shoulder pose from Tracer where the viewer gets a clear look at her fully clothed derriere, has caused a lot of people to open their eyes to the current flood of political correct, overbearing, Social Justice Warrior-style censorship happening within the gaming industry. It’s become so bad that some Japanese game developers are preemptively self-censoring their games to avoid controversy with the West’s SJW-ran media.

Well, some gamers have decided to poke some fun at Blizzard after they capitulated in censoring Tracer’s harmless victory pose by making a petition asking the company to remove guns from Overwatch. The petition was made by Leslie Stevenson, who jokingly writes directly to Jeff Kaplan, the game director on Overwatch, stating…

“[…] we in the gaming community still have many concerns about the upcoming Overwatch game, including the use of guns to violently kill other players, sometimes even going as far as shooting each other in the head.


“We, the gaming community, would like to put a stop to this brutality. Please sign this petition if you agree. If we can cleanse Overwatch of all of it’s problematic guns and sexuality, we will finally have a first person shooter that we can play with our entire family.”

The petition now has more than 13,685 signatures, with a goal of 14,000.

This is a riff on a post made by a Battle.net user named Fipps, who claimed that he had an eight-year-old daughter who wants to grow up to be like Tracer from Overwatch. He wanted Blizzard to remove the over-the-shoulder pose so his daughter (and others) wouldn’t feel as if Tracer was a sex symbol. Here’s the pose below.


Quite naturally, most people questioned why an eight-year-old would be playing a game rated ‘T’ for Teens and contains the amount of violence that it does. Secondly, people with an ounce of common sense questioned how a pose as harmless as the one above was somehow detrimental to kids when the whole point of Overwatch is to kill other people?

Others like TotalBiscuit took time to poke fun at Blizzard for acquiescing to the request for the character when other characters have the same pose or anything can be made up about another character to have the content censored or removed to appease someone’s chosen offense.

Overwatch’s Strong Animal Heroes and that one Winston Pose

This is satirical, based on this, which sadly isn’t https://i.imgur.com/8T07K2X.png Kaplans reply – https://i.imgur.com/opY4quZ.png oh dear. Overwatch orchestral remix by Rob Platt https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DwUP87kxUyU

In this particular case, we have a lot of people essentially calling Blizzard out on their decision to censor the pose.

The petition picked up quite the response from Kotaku In Action, where a shadowbanned user going by the handle of tfarceni commented, saying…

“Now I actually want Overwatch to change all the guns to the characters making gun-gestures with their fingers and going “pew pew” at each other because Blizzard deserves this shit now when they opened the floodgates for every nutter who wants to feel important by complaining about inane bullshit.”

It definitely opens up the question of: how much capitulation is too much?

At this point you really have to wonder will Blizzard even acknowledge the near 14,000 people who signed a petition asking for the removal of guns? Or will they ignore it and stick only with making changes when a select minority of individuals make suggestions based on their ideological beliefs?

Kaplan’s original response made it appear as if Blizzard was doing the bidding of Fipps’ command. Later Kaplan backtracked and stated that they weren’t doing it at the behest of the user but because they already had another pose ready for Tracer… a pose we haven’t seen in-engine, in-game or even concept art; nor have they made any comments about this new pose before this situation blew up.

Ultimately, Blizzard put themselves in a very tough bind by kneeling to the commands of a certain kind of ideological sect that a majority of gamers don’t seem to like. How they’ll manage to fix this situation is completely up in the air.

Assuming you want to research that petition about removing the guns from Overwatch… you can check it out over on the official The Petition Site.


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34 thoughts on “Overwatch Petition Jokingly Asks Blizzard To Remove Guns; Gets 13,600 Signatures

  1. It is time all gun were removed from games, they promote violence among children and increase crime rates ;D

    1. The sad part is realizing that a large portion of Western games would have zero gameplay if the guns were removed.

      1. Eh, there’s always racing games.

        Just you wait, though. If these Social Jihadist C**ts have their way, there won’t be anything but pretentious “artistic” bull$#!+ out there anymore.

      2. In before Car-kin start complaining about how they are objectified and only used for transport.

      3. I’m a fabulous green Toyota Prius and you’re racing-car-shaming me, you’re a gearhead microagressor bigot!

        Now, where is Billy’s carkin Safespace? I need one right now!

      4. We joke about this now, unfortunately I don’t know how long $#!+ like this will remain a joke.

        I just hope these Social Jihadist @$$#0l3$ become completely irrelevant soon and we won’t have to worry about such depressing things anymore.

      5. It is very much what happens to society when too many people have too much free time and no way to meaningfully define themselves without stirring up some kind of ridiculous nonsense bullshit. Humans love conflict. They love to “win” to feel better about themselves. When there is no enemy, they will create enemies by turning on each other.

        We’re living in extremely strange times with no precedent. I don’t think humans in the past had anywhere near as much free time as humans nowadays.

      6. You should take a look at the state of DC and Marvel Comics at the moment. Completely taken over and filled with SJW/feminist nonsense. It’s absolutely pathetic.

        Granted that the DC and Marvel comics sector was doing very poorly in the first place (before SJWs infested), but still you have to wonder if video games will become exactly like that if this feminist nonsense carries on the way it is.

        With all the feminist indoctrination of children in schools and young people in colleges and universities, they will grow up believing all the bullshit. And that’s who the next set of customers will be for video games. I think some developers know this, which may be the reason why some of them are so eager to pander to these whiny little fucks.

  2. I approve. Self censorship and fear of SJW brigade needs to be mocked relentlessly, as a deterrent. Besides, it is so comically pathetic, there is no other way to respond, really.

    1. as they all seem to define faggyness bags of glitter would seem more appropriate for the Cult of SocJus goons

  3. They should just make Tracer have a real provocative pose. The over the shoulder is too tame and even males have it.

    No, she should just bend over or do the splits. It’s the only way for Blizzard to redeem themselves in the eyes of gamers.

    1. They should just replace all females with naked males. Then nobody would complain. Because it’s always perfectly fine to have objectified hulking buff naked males.

      1. Then watch the likes of Kotaku/Polygon/Anita/etc. completely praise and applaud it as some kind of “justice” for women and that it’s just a “male power fantasy”.

  4. If the petition said anything along the lines of “concerned about the continued depiction in popular culture of males being coldly and brutally murdered”, nobody would have signed it.

  5. I’m personally deeply troubled by the news that notoriously degenerate and problematic character Tracer is now being added to the family friendly children’s game “Heroes of The Storm”.

    Is Blizzard trying to corrupt kids? Don’t they care about the children?

    Just think of all the poor innocent kids that will log on to their HOTS and find that Tracer character, who has a butt, and they could see it. That would be the end of their childhoods, they’d never recover from the sheer trauma that would cause them.

    Concerned parents must let Blizzard know :No to the inclusion of the perverted character Tracer to HOTS.

    1. Holy shit, a character who has a butt? That is TERRIFYING.

      Just think of all the kids who will become disgusting pervert misogynists when they realize that they too, have a butt.

      This is apocalyptic level endangerment of women. We need to end these sick male power fantasies now!

  6. Even if this petition was genuine and attained it’s goal with a significant amount of signatures, it still wouldn’t happen because the MAIN thing that SJWs/feminists complain about more than anything else is “sexual objectification” of women.

    In fact, in my opinion, the censorship/banning of sexy women has ALWAYS been their only true concern. Just like modern feminists of real life. They sometimes criticize the violence and gore in video games, but we all know that it’s mainly an act to make it appear as if they “care” about other aspects, trying to mask the fact that they are nothing more than a bunch of bitter, jealous and hateful pricks who cannot stand the fact that nice tits and booty appeals to men.

  7. To be completely honest, I think the whole petition is stupid. But right now there is no way to stop stupid soccer moms from “protecting their children” from. Game that is clearly rated T for TEEN. That’s right, TEEN. Jesus, why do people feel the need to hte this game for doing something that THOUSANDS OF GAMES HAVE DONE BEFORE! The 14,171 people who have signed the petition have nothing better to do with their lives. Over watch is not mean at to be a family game so stop trying to make it one. Stop letting your kids play Call of Duty or GTA and then getting mad. Instead have them play Wii games which are MEANT FOR CHILDREN, unlike Overwatch. Now I know Blizzard is basically on their knees at this point, so I think the only thing they can do to shut these idiots up is to change the rating f the game to M. I hope they see this because the negative attention towards this game is upsetting.

  8. Overwatch isn’t for kids.That’s why it has guns and shit.Nobody fucking cares.In CoD there’s literally millions of kids swearing and crying for losing the game.There are millions of games out there.And YOU only bitch about Overwatch’s badass stuff.Fuck you people who hate games.I don’t care if its violent,I care for the unicorn flying an apache helicopter carrying a fat guy puking rainbows.

  9. I am conserned that the fictional caeicter tracer, who is alive and is not limited to the realm of what she is made, would be highly offended by herself and find this highly problpmatic, and as a feminazi I cannot sempaly alvoid this game and must ruin any fun left in this world. Also please remove guns they resemble dicks and may trigger me.

  10. All of you are way too worried about these whiny SJW twats. Yes, they’re stupid, ignorant, delusional, and borderline retarded, but more importantly, they’re also weak, which precludes them taking over anything other than shitty video game review websites. Also, all of the SJWs coming out of far left universities are doomed to spend the rest of their lives trying to pay off crushing student loan debt while trying to find employment. Apparently, majoring in women’s studies doesn’t exactly make prospective employers drool in anticipation at the prospect of hiring you.

    1. I wish what you said were true, but the fact British Prime Ministers have listened to them and want new legislation for sexism labels on games, and the fact that the Swiss have listened to them as well and are aiming to do the same, and the fact that the French have listened to them as well, and also want sexism labels, and the fact that the U.N., has listened to them as well and are pressuring some regions to reevaluate how they include women in games, I’m afraid to tell you that they aren’t weak and that they’ve already begun making strides to changing vidya forever starting from the executive level.

      1. That sounds like a European problem. Here in America, SJWs are largely objects of ridicule, and are experiencing severe backlash everywhere they go. YouTube has become a war zone, with hundreds of channels dedicated solely to refuting SJW propaganda. Europe needs to grow some balls and put all of these far left subhumans back in their place.

  11. Nah they shouldn’t do any of that, but they should remove Tracer because her kit design is simply made to tilt people and that’s dumb. Or they can rework her and make it so she doesn’t recharge her teleport until she slows down. But just being able to jump every 3 seconds is ridiculous.

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