Otem’s Defiance: Indie Platformer Now Available On Steam

Developers HyperBerry Games has recently launched their new 3D platformer game Otem’s Defiance, on April 25 2016, for PC on the Steam Store page

As the title implies, You play as a young child named Otem, chosen by a powerful Shaman to be sacrificed to the Ringods — the gods worshiped by Otem’s tribe. Otem is sent into the arena to face off against the Ringods to be killed, however, Otem has different plans and starts fighting back to survive the arena of death.

Otem’s Defiance is all about surviving whatever the Ringods literally throw at you. You will need to dodge their attacks, ranging from fire, to light beams, to some strange looking sonic blasts, while also avoiding traps, jumping over platforms, and fighting in an attempt to destroy the Ringod.

Otem defiance 2

Otem will also have a few special  abilities to help you live another day and even the playing field a bit, such as the ability to dash through the air to cover more ground. There is also an escalating difficulty curve, so you will continuously be challenged as you progress further into the game to keep you entertained. There are more than 16 different Ringod totems you will face off against, five different locations, as well as three different difficulty levels, each having their own attack patterns that you will have to master to survive.

I always like a game with a good story to tell, and the developers say that this platformer does have a story, with animated comic book style cutscenes that you will unlock as you progress through the game. These cutscenes will help to fill in the gaps of the story to help piece together what is going on, and the true intentions of the evil Shaman that wants Otem dead. The developers have released a few trailers for Otem’s Defiance, so you can check out the gameplay in the trailer that I linked down below.


Otems Defiance – Launch Trailer

NOW AVAILABLE ON STEAM: https://store.steampowered.com/app/434490 You play as Otem, a child who has been chosen as a sacrifice to the gods of his tribe. As they materialize in the center of the ring-shaped arena, you must dodge their attacks and fight back to survive the ritual and uncover the secrets of this gruesome tradition lead by the mysterious Shaman.


If you are interested in playing Otem’s Defiance you can check it out by visiting the Steam Store page, as well as the official website for further details.


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