Nioh’s Playable Alpha Demo Set To Come Out This Month For PS4

Those looking for an Onimusha replacement might be able to find one in Team Ninja’s upcoming samurai adventure game, Nioh. The PS4 exclusive game is set to have a playable Alpha Demo sometime later this month.

Announced on the, the Onimusha-like game will set players in a dark realm of Japan during the Samurai era, fused in with some dark folklore. To be honest, I’m really liking the game from the previous and new trailers for Nioh. As of now, it reminds me of the Witcher and the Dark Souls games, and speaking of From Software’s work, I get some vibes of Otogi as well.

Nioh 3And if I’m not mistaken, we also get a nice reference to the mystical Okami wolf with the same curl patterns and the fiery white appearance, except without the great spirit wolf’s red markings. Moreover, the game is set to come out this year which Kou Shibusawa — the general producer of the game — had noted on the blog along with the screenshot above. So you can expect to see the game arrive on the PS4 before 2016 is out.

Set to arrive ahead of the release of the game, a new playable alpha demo will come out on the 26th of this month for players to get their feet wet. As for the worldwide release, it’s still unknown as of this moment, but the demo will be available for a limited time and will cease to be available after May 5th.

Adding a nice slice to the samurai game, the demo will also grant folks the “Mark of the Conqueror” DLC upon completing a stage, which works with the actual full game on release. I’m not sure if the save data will carry over or not, but for those looking to hack and slash their foes down in the full release might want to consider getting this DLC through the demo since it gives extra to the base game.

But if you want to see the game before the alpha demo is released, you can watch the official announcement trailer below. It covers all the basics you’ll need to know before going in.

Nioh – Alpha Demo Announcement Trailer | PS4

Today we announce the upcoming release of a downloadable demo for samurai-centric, dark fantasy action RPG, Nioh. Developed exclusively for release on the PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system, the Alpha Demo for Nioh will be available for download and play via the PlayStation™Network Store only between April 26 and May 5.

If you are looking forward to getting your hands on the game early, the alpha demo will be available from April 26th to May 5th. For those that want learn more about this dark-fantasy, hack-and-slash game, you can read the full blog post over on the

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