Nioh Gains A 50 Minute Gamplay Video And A Playable Alpha Demo

The Dark Souls-like game from Team Ninja, Nioh, introduces the same atmosphere of exploring desolated places in an apocalyptic setting, with time-based attacks coupled with brutal enemies. Not only will fans of the upcoming game have the opportunity to see more than 30 minutes of gamelpay, they will also be able to download and play the alpha demo now for PS4.

Onimusha and Dark Souls fans alike might have another game to try out, which is now playable for those in Australia, Japan, the UK, Singapore and will soon hit the Americas. The demo will obviously provide a nice taste of what the game has to offer, except some things may change since it’s in its alpha state.

For those that are eligible in their region to play the demo and want to get it now, all they need to do is head to the PlayStation Store and get Nioh the alpha demo. This demo provides players with the first stage in the game, which, if completed, they will gain access to “The Mark of the Conqueror” DLC. So in other words, the alpha demo on completion will grant those some free DLC that works in the full version of the game.

Something else worth noting, you will always have to be online when playing Nioh’s alpha demo, so if you’ve been playing offline you might want to turn it back on since it’s an online-only demo. If you want to get a taste of Nioh before playing it to see if it’s worth downloading, you can check out the 53 minute long video that YouTuber Lis Lis posted up.

[PS4] 仁王 α体験版

PS4のShare機能を使って配信しています!PSNID:Lislilis フレンド登録よろしくお願いします!

As noted above, the online-only demo of Nioh will be available to get for the PS4 now, which will end until May 5th. The actual game is slated to debut exclusively for PS4 sometime this year.


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4 thoughts on “Nioh Gains A 50 Minute Gamplay Video And A Playable Alpha Demo

  1. This looks pretty cool.

    I find it kinda funny how Team Ninja’s Ninja Gaiden for the original Xbox was considered one of the most challenging games of that era, and now this game is mimicking Dark Souls which is considered some of the most difficult games of this era.

    It also seems like forces out of my control are conspiring to make me buy a PS4.

  2. Sadly, I’m not really interested if I can’t make my own character. Don’t really want to play as what looks like Geralt again.

    1. I think that’s what Dark Souls has over Nioh, although I think Dark Souls contains more. It seems like a nice game to pick up if you don’t feel like play DS3 or something.

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