Neon Chrome, Co-op Cyberpunk Shooter Preps For April 28th Release

The indie cyberpunk title Neon Chrome from 10tons, is gearing up for its release later this week on April 28th. The game sports both single and cooperative multiplayer game modes set within the beautifully bleak mega-structure from a sci-fi future.

Recently Neon Chrome has been updated to iron out some of the performance and bugs ahead of the game’s release in two days. The top-down shooter sees players attempting to make their way through an arcology while taking on countless security forces, robots and a bunch of bad guys who want you really dead.

The game has rogue-like elements so that every time you play the level layouts are different, the loot rewards are different and the challenges are different.

As you progress through the game and restart runs you can improve your character, expanding your skill set, enhancing your HP, defenses and equipment. You can acquire a variety of upgrades from nearly 50 different abilities. You can get a look at what the game is like in the gameplay trailer below.

Neon Chrome Greenlight Trailer

The most awesome cyberpunk top-down shooter with cybernetic enhancements and procedural levels! Vote for Neon Chrome on Greenlight:

Gameplay trailers are nice and all but I’m sure some people would only consider buying the game if they can get an idea of what it actually plays like without edits or cuts. So if you want a full preview of some of the early parts of the game you can check out the Let’s Play video below from Stumpt, although you might want to mute it if you don’t want to listen to some very annoying banter.

Neon Chrome – #1 – 80’s as F (4 Player Gameplay)

We play some Neon Chrome multiplayer! It’s and awesome procedural rogue light set in an 80’s themed future. It’s hard!

Neon Chrome looks like it could be a lot of fun as a multiplayer game. The old-school vibe and top-down view works well enough. It was tough to get a feel for the music, though. In a game like Ruiner it was pretty obvious that the music played as much a part in the game as the actual gameplay itself.

Anyway, you can look to grab a copy of the cyberpunk shooter on April 28th or learn more by hitting up the Steam store page.


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