Musou-Based Fighting Game Koihime Enbu Coming West For PC On Steam

With the original Japanese release for both PS3 and PS4, the Romance of the Three Kingdoms spin-off game, Koihime Enbu, is due out for the West for PC via Steam. This was announced by publisher Degica Games and developer Unknown Games; the game will come out this May with no art or character alterations.

Publisher Degica Games announced that they are localizing Koihime Enbu and will bring the musou-inspired game to PC through Steam. In the world of Enbu, it takes the classic legends from the Romance of the Three Kingdoms or Dynasty Warriors series with re-imagined characters, which is set in a 2D fighting setting. You can read the official Steam description for the game.

“Based on the Koihime Musou visual novel, Koihime Enbu features a reimagining of the Romance of Three Kingdoms where the majority of characters are girls. Originally an arcade fighting game, Koihime Enbu draws upon this pedigree to offer players accessible and exciting mechanics that will draw in beginner and veteran players alike.”

If you don’t know, the arcade fighting game features 13 different fighters and seven assist characters. Each character has their own unique fighting style like in the Dynasty Warriors series, while implementing a dynamic Fatal Counter system that offers serious move linking and chain combos that last longer.

For an added kick, players will be able to utilize the Tactics Meter with special moves that include ex special moves, super moves and ultimate moves. This create a back and forth tug of war in battles since each character has a special counter that can link into other move-sets.

As of now, there hasn’t been any word if there will be an official PS3 or PS4 western release, but folks will be able to join in the alternate Romance of the Three Kingdoms fighting game soon on PC , which is joined by its old Japanese trailer on Steam, courtesy of CommunityGames.

Koihime Enbu Gameplay Trailer for PS4 and PS3 2D ANIME FIGHTING Game (All HD)

Koihime Enbu is headed to PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 later this year, and publisher Yeti have shared a new trailer for the upcoming fighter. Koihime Enbu is based on the Koihime Musou visual novel, which turns a bunch of Romance of the Three Kingdoms characters into women, including Lu Bu and Guan Yu.

Announced to come out this Spring during May, Koihime Enbu will be available for PC. For more information on this game, you can hit up Steam.


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