Muddy Heights 2 Requires Players To Poop On People From High Up

I know, I know what you are probably thinking. But this is Steam Greenlight, so are you really surprised that Muddy Heights 2 would be on there? Well it is now, and it has returned with explosive force that is bound to leave a mark.

The original Muddy heights came out a few years ago as a browser based game where the main objective of the game was to poop on people from on top of a tall building. This silly game was developed by Zathalos and became popular by a few YouTubers featuring the game on their channel. Muddy Heights 2 has returned, but is now being developed by Rageborn Studios.

Muddy Heights 2 has a simple goal, you still have to poop on people by using your keyboard controls to curve your turds around the stage and ricochet it off of objects and people to score big points. But the new game has added some more content, such as three new levels you can play through, they added more food upgrades and re-balanced the stats, added more than twenty hidden secrets, as well as 10 goals for you to complete.

Muddy Heights 2 of course has also added new Vehicle types as well as new characters that walk around the play area and react to the brown splatters that suddenly appear and drop from out of the sky. You can take a look at the trailer for Muddy Heights 2 that I linked down below.

Muddy Heights 2 – Official Trailer

The game is now available on Steam: Poop you way to victory…again! Muddy Heights 2 is an official sequel to the highly played Muddy Heights web game. In Muddy Heights 2, you play as a person who has had a little bit too much to eat and needs to relieve himself by any means possible.

We all know this game was made just for the laughs, and I already know there are about a dozen YouTube channels that will be playing this game just for the chuckles. Apparently Pewdiepie was given a free copy of the game and has played Muddy Heights 2 already, so it has gained quite a few yes votes because of his video. I admit, the trailer was pretty funny, especially that slow motion scene when the poop hits the guy in the face. You can watch Pewdiepie’s video that I linked below to see actual gameplay.

POOP ON PEOPLE! (Muddy Heights 2)

THE GAME IS OUT ON STEAM: This video was made in collaboration with Muddy Heights 2! MERCHANDISE: PewDiePie Clothing: My Game: PewDiePie: Legend Of The Brofist Apple: Android: My Book: This Book Loves You My App: Apple: Android: SOCIALS: Twitter ► Facebook ► Instagram ► ………..

If you like to poop on people from on top of buildings, or you have always dreamed about it but didn’t have the courage to attempt it in real life, you can live out your fantasies by visiting the Steam Greenlight page and casting your vote if you would like this game to get on Steam. Muddy Heights 2 will also be available for Mobile devices upon release, so for additional information you can also visit the Rageborn Studio official website.


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