METAGAL Offers classic Megaman Gameplay Elements

Mega-who? Sorry, I haven’t seen that guy in years. However, newcomer METAGAL looks quite promising, with her 2D sprite platforming, retro music, and classic side-scrolling shooter action.

The story is about a robot girl named Meta, that must save her creator Doctor Ray, from the evil General Creeper that has captured Ray and MetaGal‘s sister (or sisters, I’m not sure how many she has) to build his own evil army.

True Megaman games have sadly died out and aren’t really what they used to be. If you are into retro-shooters and that classic platform action from the 1990s, then METAGAL might be exactly what you’re looking for. Retro Revolution are the developers behind this new title that is filled with nostalgia inducing gameplay. METAGAL is essentially another Megaman clone, taking the same gameplay mechanics and formula to create a new hero that has a few unique powers to help her out.

MetaGal 1

METAGAL will be able to collect boss weapons to use them for future stages. The trailer shows off five different power types that METAGAL will be able to collect and use in game. Players will start with the default METAGAL powers and abilities, and then earn others such as Shield Gal, Dash Gal, Buster Gal and Warp Gal, each type with their own unique powers and abilities to help you navigate the stage and defeat your enemies.

METAGAL will have more than 30 different enemy types, 8 unique levels for you to fight your way through, as well as secret items hidden around the stages for you to collect and power up your character. You can take a look at the gameplay trailer that I linked down below to see METAGAL in action.

Metagal Greenlight Trailer

METAGAL is an 2D platformer action game. Player character role is play as android girl “Meta” whom tries to rescue her creator “Dr.Ray” from an evil dictator called “General Creeper” who has also captured her sister and turned them into Battle Androids in order to use them in his plan for taking over the world.

The developers say that not every function will work like Megaman and there are some differences, but for the most part the above trailer gives us a pretty good look at what the actual gameplay will be like in the finished product. If you are interested in learning more you can follow the progress of the game by visiting their Steam Greenlight page, as well as the Retro Revolution IndieDB page for additional details.

Furthermore, the developers are also currently looking for feedback for their other working title Metaloid: Origins, so you can follow that link as well to see how that project is coming along.


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