Merendam 2: Diary Of Two Shaman Sisters Kickstarter Goes Live

Erocona’s horror game Merendam 2 was announced recently as a game that was coming to Kickstarter. After prepping gamers for the crowd-funding launch of the horror-inspired adventure game, Erocona finally put the game up and out on the Kickstarter platform.

The title sees players in the role of a young girl trying to escape from a haunted town filled with dangerous ghosts. The promo video on Kickstarter showcases how the apparitions come out randomly and players have to use whatever tools they have to either escape or fend off the attackers.

You can see some of the gameplay in Greenlight video for the first game below.

The concept is not unlike Fatal Frame, except as players walk around they’ll be faced with some dangerous apparitions where a mini-game of sorts will commence that requires players to button-mash their way out of danger.

The controls have been simplified so that while the game can be played rather easily on PC with simply button presses and largely, easy to manipulate icons, the game has also been designed to make it easy for mobile gamers to pick up and play the title.

Despite being a sequel, Merendam 2 works as a prequel to the original Merendam, where players will discover more about the events that led up to the first game, as well as discover some of the locations and details about the overall plot in the Merendam series.

For gamers who enjoy titles like Clock Tower and Fatal Frame, with a slower pace and a lot of tension-building atmosphere, then Erocona’s title appears to aim to achieve that kind of setting.

Right now there are no backers and the game still has a whole month to go to reach the $30,000 budget. For more info feel free to visit the game’s official Kickstarter page. Merendam 2 has already been Greenlit by the Greenlight community on Steam.


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