Merendam 2: Diary Of Two Shaman Sisters Kickstarter Coming Soon

An upcoming game called Merendam 2: Diary of Two Shaman Sisters is scheduled to enter into a crowd-funding phase on Kickstarter soon. It’s the sequel to a mobile title that released for Android devices where players attempted to escape from the terrifying presence of ghosts.

Players assume the role of a young girl who is trapped in a haunted village, being tormented by ghastly apparitions who want nothing more than to consume her soul. The game sees players attempting to survey their surroundings and explore the abandoned village while looking for tools and items that can help them avoid certain death. The gameplay is very similar to the old Clock Tower games on the SNES and PSX, with players focusing on wits and fast feet to escape the wrath of the undead.

You can get a glimpse of the game in action below with the pre-release trailer for mobile devices and PC.

Merendam 2: Diary of Two Shaman Sisters Debut Trailer

An upcoming game for mobile devices and PC from South Korean game developer, Erocona.

The game is made by an independent studio out of South Korea called Erocona. The sequel comes on the heels of the first Merendam, which was made by one lone developer who did the art and gameplay design all by their lonesome self. The sequel promises more content, more features, more gameplay and more creepy environments to explore, thus they’re looking to fund the title through crowd-sourcing to help give the game a higher possibility of reaching a wider audience.

As far as the design is concerned… the actual gameplay doesn’t look too bad. It’s hard to tell given that the camera angles make it a little difficult to discern what’s going on in the clips. And speaking of clips… there were a few moments where the character’s head was clipping through the hair. I imagine they’ll brush up some of these minor visual discrepancies as they move further into development.

Merendam 2 most certainly has the potential to satisfy gamers within the niche audience looking for a specific kind of horror title, namely Clock Tower or Fatal Frame-style games that sees players focusing more on exploration and observation as opposed to combat and survival.

We don’t have a specific date just yet on when the Kickstarter will go live but once we have that info we’ll be able to provide it for the audience. For more information feel free to stay tuned in to the Erocona Facebook page.


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