Media Attacks Nintendo For Firing Rep Who May Have Worked As An Escort

Nintendo has been known within the electronics industry as the “Disney of video games”. They occasionally have some mature-themed games but for the most part they’re considered as a toy company that caters toward kids. Well, one of their public relations representatives may have worked a second job as a professional escort, and when Nintendo found out they opted to fire her. The media was not at all pleased at this turn of events, and have been attacking Nintendo since the firing.

Gamezone picked up the news after The Ralph Retort posted some very damning evidence, including photos, which appeared to link the Nintendo rep with a job at an escorting service, where she worked under the pseudonym Maria Mint.

The rep mentioned previously on Twitter that she had used an alternate name and was very careful to keep her job at Nintendo and her second job completely unrelated, but the diggers from KiwiFarms managed to make the connection. The second job was supposedly setup to pay off student loans.

The Nintendo rep hasn’t confirmed the connection but the photos from the escort service match certain information that was found in other photos she had posted on her DeviantArt page. The marketing representative couldn’t be reached for verification because she has me blocked.

Strangely, just after the media lambasted Microsoft for hiring gogo dancers for their after-party at GDC, they seem to be attacking Nintendo who has tried distancing themselves from gender politics.

Nintendo had warned the rep before to leave sociopolitical discussions off her feed given that she was the face of Nintendo, even going so far as to promote their products during live Treehouse events and at E3. However, the representative invited lots of controversy over various topics that not everyone was comfortable with, leading to various individuals and organizations contacting Nintendo about said topics, one of which included child pornography.

After Nintendo fired the representative the media went on the attack, with Giant Bomb taking digs at Nintendo, along with Jim Sterling and even CNN.

Sterling wrote in his piece…

“Given Nintendo’s history, it’s not a surprising move. It’s fucking dismal, but it’s not surprising. The company’s long been known to pull tightly on the leashes of its employees, to control what they say in public.”

Sterling claims the Nintendo rep was good at her job, but she tells a slightly different story based on what Nintendo actually thought of her performance, explaining to Polygon

“When I got back from [vacation], Nintendo stripped me of my spokesperson status and did a ‘lateral move’ so I wouldn’t lead games as a [product manager] anymore,” […] “This was because the GG mess meant they ‘looked at my tweets’ and decided I wasn’t a good representative of the company…”

It’s also rich that Polygon would jump on the story given that back in mid-March they attacked Microsoft for being “sexist” when they hired dancers for their GDC after-party.

In the Nintendo case, a lot of parents were not very pleased with the discussions around child pornography that were found on the rep’s Twitter page.

Nevertheless, despite the socially rocky relationship the rep had with Nintendo, others still ran to attack Nintendo for their decision to fire the former representative.

VentureBeat posted a message from IGDA director Kate Edwards, who stated…

“Unfortunately, the company seems oblivious to the consequences of their actions, not realizing the perceived victory it handed to the online hate groups who are now pursuing the dismissal of other women game developers by derision and defamation to their companies. By now, we would expect that all game development and publishing companies would be fully aware of negative social media dynamics and be more discerning of online feedback, as well as more protective of their employees — especially their employees of diverse backgrounds. Many have become proactive and aware but this industry obviously needs to make more progress.”

Wired attacked Nintendo for not backing their employee, stating…

“Through it all, Nintendo remained silent. It could have—should have—backed [their employee] and emphatically denounced such harassment.”

The Verge made similar comments as well, stating…

“[…] when [Nintendo] lets one of its own go, while she’s weathering exactly the kind of abuse her employer says it stands against, Nintendo’s stance doesn’t seem so strong.”

The claims of harassment weren’t really evidenced by any of the media outlets, and for now it’s a he said/she said scenario. However, Nintendo would most certainly not back the former marketing specialist if she really was engaged in being an escort, that would make them liable for supporting an illegal act once they became aware of it.

According to a post by Reddit user NPerez99, the state of Washington under penal code RWC 9A.88.030 [via GLBlaw], it clearly states…

“A person is guilty of prostitution if such person engages or agrees or offers to engage in sexual conduct with another person in return for a fee.


“For purposes of this section, “sexual conduct” means “sexual intercourse” or “sexual contact,” both as defined in chapter 9A.44 RCW. Prostitution is a misdemeanor.”

It seems unfathomable that Nintendo would stand by an employee engaged in an escort service. Rockstar Games, Running With Scissors, Volition Software or Team Ninja? Well sure, we would expect them to stand by an employee involved in a misdemeanor act of a sexual nature, but Nintendo?

As mentioned, it just seems bizarre that the media would attack Nintendo for not advocating prostitution, while at the same time attacking Microsoft for hiring gogo dancers for an after party. As the old saying goes: they’re damned if they do, damned if they don’t.

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51 thoughts on “Media Attacks Nintendo For Firing Rep Who May Have Worked As An Escort

    1. Similar to how it’s a safe space when they do it, but it was segregation back in the day.

      Or how it’s criticism if they do it, but harassment if anyone else does it.

      Or how it’s abuse if it’s done to them but “justice” if they do it.

      1. Dense motherfuckers.

        They can’t get in their heads that Nintendo is a family-friendly company! Many parents would have problems with an escort working at Nintendo, so they cut the issue before it becomes a giant snowball of shit.

        That’s ideology at work, it brainwashes your head and fucks all logical reasoning.

      2. rofl, no company that works with children wants their name in the same line as “pedophile” or “sex worker” whatever the context, there is no chance they will ever mention her again

  1. How do these people know that Alison Rapp was a good worker? Unless they’ve worked with her, they should probably shut the fuck up. I have good friends that I think would probably be great workers, but I’ve never worked with them so there’s no way in hell I would vouch for them. Perhaps if these people were willing to put their own jobs or livelihoods on the line they’d think twice about vouching someone they’ve never worked with… but then again, they fall under that whole listen and believe crowd.

    1. Check out her Twitter feed for yourself. She’s a bit of a mess and hardly comes across as professional. I would venture to say she purposely presents herself younger than she is, check out her numerous selfies. Childish content, childlike pictures.

      1. And that’s what makes even less sense, her behavior is pubicly available, yet they’ll still vouch for her. How can they vouch for her knowing all of the things you mentioned and then some? That takes willful ignorance to a whole new level.

  2. It’s bizarre anyone would think that Nintendo would continue to employ someone who advocated for pedos AND worked as an escort.

    If Rapp was just a dancer at a conference, the gaming “journo” puritans (I repeat myself) would have been like “GET THAT FUCKING WHORE OFF THE STAGE.”

    1. It’s bizarre anyone would think that Nintendo would continue to employ someone who advocated for pedos AND worked as an escort.

      See that’s the thing that gets to me, these anti-GG folks are really high-up on a lot of things pro-pedophilia. It’s unnervingly disturbing that these are people constantly trying to get into positions of power. It’s frightening thought to think about what they would do with even an ounce of legislative power.

      But beyond that, the fact that you have two things that are pretty much anti-Nintendo through and through that this rep was engaged in just makes it look like Nintendo was more than gracious in keeping her around for as long as they did.

      1. I think it makes perfect sense.

        Consider what they do.
        They protect each other from EVERYTHING because they have no real morals, ethics or standards.
        They are a horde, they want more more more and want to never ever have to put up with any standards at all, they want the bar to go as low as possible and all filters to be disabled for them.
        This case is a perfect example.

        So is it anyone’s guess why the kind of people with shoddy and really big liabilities would be gravitating in mass towards a faction that will protect them from anything?

        They advocate a shameless world where nothing is wrong, but of course only for themselves, anything anyone else does is wrong.
        So they get shameless people on board.

        It’s purely logical.

      2. I am… even more cynical. Both Pedo-butts and Valdis77 (the convicted child-rapist) defended her and came out and formed a human shield with her.

        I’m reminded of Baldur’s Gate Neb who was basically John Wayne Gacey of fantasy world minus the clown thing. Fuck.

        What I don’t get is why SJWs are so willing to be enslaved souls…. and my answer comes back to “pedophilia ring?” Maybe the Wayne Foundation knows more than they let on.

  3. Jim Sterling: “…pull tightly on the leashes of its employees, to control what they say in public.”

    Oh the fucking irony here.

    Kate Edwards: “By now, we would expect that all game development and publishing companies would be fully aware of negative social media dynamics and be more discerning of online feedback”

    Translated as: ‘We are your moral compass so do as we say otherwise you’re a misogynist/sexist/racist/etc.’

    Fuck these people. They are an absolute cancer on video games.

    1. And they didn’t say a thing back then when some guy that seemingly did a good job got fired for stating stuff that apparently was too truthful and too real for Nitnendo’s taste.

      Can’t even remember who it was myself, that’s how little that mattered.

      Meanwhile this is big news.

      1. Welcome to Earth, where nobody cares about you if you’re unlucky enough to be born with a Y chromosome.

      2. Chris Prangler, fired from Nintendo for repeating common information you can find all over the internet.

    2. The irony here is what Jim SJW sterling says the “pull tightly on the leashes of its employees, to CONTROL what they say in public.”

      Well the SJWs do know who to control too ehh Jim sterling whenever you lot get triggered you use your control of the media to put down any Devs like Japanese Devs that You & your cronies don’t like.

      & the icing of the cake is because she a woman that she been treated horrible if it was a male no one gives a fuck about him getting sacked.

      It because of them the video games industry is fucked to the rim with censorship, double standards etc etc.

      1. Oh yeah that again I read that she didn’t just bare her soul & ninty was so coy they just told she was just moonlighting.

        While she was poor at her last job she may found a better job else where. The only way you are allow to moonlight is if you have part time jobs.

        I know in Uk It’s 16 hours per week part time not enough so another part time is allow.

  4. Do these people ever stop and take a look at what they are saying?

    “Unfortunately, the company seems oblivious to the consequences of their actions, not realizing the perceived victory it handed to the online hate groups who are now pursuing the dismissal of other women game developers by derision and defamation to their companies. ”


    1. They won’t. I remember seeing once a video of an political lady somewhere (Spain i guess?), which people were saying was a leftist, defending gender reassignment surgery of minors. Then someone called her out saying her proposed law would allow kids to change sex without their parent’s consent, which she replied No.
      Then a guy took a paper and started reading a part of it for everyone, which confirmed it would allow.

      She packed her stuff and left the place without saying a word. lolwtf

  5. I wonder how many shitfests like these are we going to have to experience before these companies start screening their employees for “social justice”, whatever they are on one side or the other there is no denial that they attract these kind of debacles

    The best way to avoid having buildings explode is to just not store volatile materials inside, sure, the building might go years without exploding but it might blow up tomorrow too, why risk it?

    1. The problem is they sneak in all innocent and quiet. After they get accepted and settled into the job, that’s when the venom
      slowly starts to come out. Eventually they completely take-over the
      workforce socially, and any justified criticism and/or disagreement
      towards these fuckwits will be result in the critic being screamed down
      as a “sexist”, “racist” or “misogynist”.

      The stigma of these labels are so powerful that companies have no choice but to abide to maintain good PR. That’s how SJWs and feminists gain complete control in the places they infest.

      As they work their way up the ladder, they will use these despicable
      methods to slowly get people who don’t agree with them fired, and
      influence/pressure the higher-ups to recruit their own ilk as

      So from here is where the company/organisation would start
      to become a complete SJW/feminist excrement pit. And the bosses will no
      longer be able to voice their concerns because if they do, they’ll be
      called a “sexist”, “racist”, “misogynist” or any other “non-progressive”
      excuse which immediately assassinates their character, prompting the Twitter and
      Tumblr pitch-fork brigade to make a visit.

      As you mentioned before (I think it was you), you don’t need many SJWs to make a difference in a company. One is usually enough to eventually change things and take over by slowly using those labels when necessary. This is one of the biggest strengths of SJWs. It’s exactly like a cancerous cell which eventually metastasises, takes over and kills the host if left unchecked.

      1. yeah it was me, and yes i know how they work, they are toxic, i doubt anyone wants to work with them, thats why i wonder when are they going to start to look for keywords in their social media links, they pretty easy to spot looking at their profiles, specially the rabid ones that are the most trouble

      2. It has to happen eventually doesn’t it?

        Not sure.

        It all depends on the next generation, from what I can see the children and young people of today are being indoctrinated with SJW/feminist horseshit in schools, colleges and universities. The majority will grow up thinking that what they’ve been fed by Anita Sarkeesian and her minions is fact. Which of course, creates more full-blown SJW adults.

        Whilst they keep indoctrinating children and young people with this propaganda, the problem is that there is no ‘counter-tuition/course’ to it. Like say for example, it’s been well known that Gender Studies demonizes men on implication, but yet there is no counter-balance to it that offers an opposing viewpoint. It’s always the feminist views that are allowed, any MRA views (to defend themselves) are immediately ostracised and banned.

        In all honestly I think the next generation are fucked. So I think it may be up to this generation’s children to fix this problem. Unless more people be brave, speak up and take a stand against it, like Milo Yiannopoulos.

      3. A lot of those things are matters of indoctrination and ignorance, two things that can and have been undone through history.

        It takes pushback against strong pressure that keeps it up until it breaks through and shatters them.

        Remember that the SJW are actually a minority of the people, they basically have everyone else coned and that’s for instance why they love means to control speech so much, because keeping the blindfold on the face of society is essential to them propagating their status quo.

    2. The first step is to cleanse the hiring and screening departments first of all, since they’re the ones that aren’t just letting this people in.
      They are actively seeking them out.

      Once you have a staff that’s not ideologically motivated in charge of managing the rest of the staff you can start getting anything done.

  6. Can’t really blame Nintendo for not wanting a whore to represent them…whore…huhuhuhuh…HOOOKERS …..hookers n blow…good times…well, nothing to see here, moving along

  7. The moral of the story is don’t blame gamers for your own missteps. Otherwise the dirty laundry will be aired and exposed for all to see. (Don’t lie)

    If these people weren’t so hell-bent on defaming gamers, no one would even know/care to look at whom Nintendo hires/fires.

  8. We know they are corrupt and on board with an agenda.

    So they’re colluding again to push a narrative and agreed to put out the same articles again?

    Sounds like normal business as usual.

    But gotta love the SJW as they expose their own ridiculous standards tho.

    A party at a club has girls dancing, because that’s normal in those places and all.
    ABSOLUTELY HARAM, CANNOT BE ALLOWED, the girls suffer internalized soggy knees and microsoft is literally hitler for allowing that to happen

    An SJW had a second job (against the rules already) on baby friendly Nintendo of all places, on PR position of all jobs, and her second job turns out to be escort stuff ? And this is after many warnings she got for disobeying orders at work already.

      1. She was SWJ in name only, she didn’t practice what she preached, but to me that’s pretty much true of all SJWs. Do as I say, not as I do…

      2. To me, she seemed like a SJW, given her instances on feminism. Her position towards sexual practices doesn’t change that. Zoe Quinn herself worked as a porn-star for some time and it’s actually very proud of her work. There is a thing as a sex-positive SJW.

  9. So I’m just very confused on this whole subject.

    Pretty much every video game coming from Japan is being heavily edited so that it does not “Oppress” or treat women as “sex toys” by having women dressed scantily by people who believe such things demean women.

    Those same people who say scantily clad women in video games demean women, are now attacking Nintendo for firing a woman who worked in a sex industry.


    1. I found it quite ironic that western Dev put full blown nudity & mistreatment of women fictional characters hitman dragging a woman that the gamer just killed.

      While Anita was up in arms about it, it does not reflect because hitman, GTA didn’t get censored but more & more they demand the Japanese games need to be banned or censored.

  10. The system is so broken now that even the slower of humans among us are starting to wake up to the corruption of the mainstream media.

    We have slowly evolved from religion politics, to sexual identity politics, to race politics, to gender politics and now it’s gotten so bad that the same people who shame men for wanting video games that aren’t full of censored characters and topics will go ahead and defend a child pornography advocate and prostitute who works for NINTENDO; a company focused on making family-friendly video games.

    How can a parent read these stories and not see how fucked up all of this is? I think that this is a good thing in the long run, this story will wake up a new set of people and add fire to the flame of GG and the anti-MSM movement.

  11. Kate Edwards, the IGDA and its founder have a long history of making up bullshit. They are also huge hypocrites and bullies.

    Some old links of the IGDA’s antics:

    Going by the mainstream media’s record, I wouldn’t be surprised if the reason they’re going so far to defend the escort is because they slept with her too.

  12. Once again an irresponsible click-bait media has ruined someone’s life. While Nintendo may have been able to ignore the criticism of Rapp when it was contained on Twitter, the media forced Nintendo’s hand when they trotted her out as a victim, thereby increasing her visibility in the mainstream and making a liability out her.

    1. She ruined her own life through poor choices and bad judgement entirely.

      Sometimes you do stuff you shouldn’t do, stuff happens, and people find out.
      It is still your fault for doing the things you should not have done in the first place.

      1. Absolutely agree. I get that the extra exposure didn’t precipitate her downfall, but I do wonder if it might have hastened it. But really, none of that matters next to the fact that she was out doing shit her employers didn’t cotton to for good reason.

  13. I love that Gamezone begrudgingly (oh and how they begrudge) had to give credit to Ralph’s site albeit with the subtle dig at his site. They’re all trying to steer away from the pedo apologist deal & make this how she was fired for being a sex worker but, of course, leave out the fact Nintendo is headquartered in a right to work state & don’t have to say fuck all why they dropped her.

  14. And if this were about a dude the mainstream media would have sung the tune it was his own fault and the whole thing would have been forgotten in a few days.
    Seriously fuck his woman and the ridiculous amount of attention this is getting. At the end of the day all that she was was a PR rep but if the press is believed she was the second coming of Christ all because has a goddamn slit between her legs instead of a dick.

  15. I’m with Nintendo on this. If I were her boss in a marketing department I would have had several warnings about her social media profile. Most likely, she would have been relegated to a non-public position. I’ve seen her twitter feed and she doesn’t hide the fact she representing Nintendo nor does she post professional looking content. Unlike indie game studios et al., Nintendo is more old school in their PR approach and she seems like a bad fit.

    They gave a perfectly valid reason: It’s against policy to work (of any kind) outside of Nintendo and she did. This will blow over soon enough as most of their customers have never heard of her nor care.

    EDIT: I should add, that any PR person should expect to get fired for being a prostitute or nude model. You’re in public relations! Your behaviour is a direct representation of the company that employs you.

  16. I know this is properly be off-topic but in a way the whole rapp saga was ninty fires rapp & others either males & females have deep digger of what she did & properly hounded her out of a job.

    Here the other way round 2 femminazi SJWs court case against a dude called the Twitter case take not around the 5 min mark when the judge says she could use block on Twitter & went on about she tweet a topic but expect not to get tweeted back like the dude did.

    Later on the same femminazi give two speeches about harrashment called internet violence. in a different place with a different speech when she tells how to do things basically the same tactics what Cyberbullies do. See the mindset of SJWs in action.

    A woman had ruined a dude job no media coverage of that funny that isn’t it.

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