Me And My Dinosaur Is A Pleasantly Cute Platform Adventure Game

Hunter and Rex from Me And My Dinosaur might be the next best boy and his dinosaur combination since Mario and Yoshi. Going into the gameplay trailer I had very low expectations since I found this game on Steam Greenlight, but I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the game as the trailer went on.

Developers Madsoft Games has put together a beautiful 2D animated platform adventure game that actually looks like it would be a blast to play, mixing classic platform elements with challenging puzzles, all while adventuring beside your giant dinosaur pet named Rex.

The animation has a cute and very active art style that really helps bring the characters and world to life. The characters look simple in design at first, but the way they move around and interact shows the detail put into their animation and design. I could see Hunter and Rex being the stars of their own animated TV show called Me And My Dinosaur.

The Steam Greenlight trailer gives us the basic run down of the story using a series of images to show us how Rex and Hunter meet up, and the adventure that follows as Rex grows in size. Take a look at the trailer that I linked down below.

Me And My Dinosaur – Official Trailer

Me And My Dinosaur is a 2D puzzle-platformer that invites you to join Hunter and his pet dinosaur Rex as they explore a fantastical, sometimes dangerous world. With its breathtaking environments, strange creatures, and perplexing puzzles, Me And My Dinosaur recounts the timeless story of a child, their pet, and the unbreakable bond they share.

One of the coolest features about this game is that they have it listed as a Multiplayer and local co-op game, which means that you won’t have to play Me And My Dinosaur alone, you can have a family member or buddy team up and help you out.

There will also be a Dino daycare, where you will be able to raise up to 28 different baby dinos. Madsoft Games has submitted Me And My Dinosaur to Steam Greenlight to gain approval from the community to see if they would like to see the game make its way to PC and Steam, but they aren’t relying purely on Steam Greenlight to get the game out to the public.

The developers have also created a Kickstarter Campaign as well to raise funds for the game to complete their project, where they will release their game for both PC,OSX and PS4. I personally like what I have seen from the game so far, so I look forward to seeing more of Me And My Dinosaur in the future as they move closer to launch.

Me And My Dinosaur is currently shooting for an Early 2017 release date for PC and OSX, while the PS4 will have a timed exclusive launch around October, for the fourth quarter of 2016.


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