Mabinogi Generation 20 Update Goes Live

Nexon’s free-to-play MMO, Mabinogi, is still trucking on after all these years. It’s one of the few free-to-play MMORPGs still around from back when the South Korean invasion of MMOs was a huge thing in the West a decade ago. Mabinogi has been consistently receiving updates during its tenure in the online space, and Nexon just announced that the next big update has gone live for the game called Generation 20: The Gate of Sanctuary.

According to the press release the new update brings brand new items, quests, pets, powerful skills, and “beautiful” new locations for players to visit.

Interestingly, they mention in the press release that this is the first major story update for Mabinogi since December, 2014. That’s a long time to keep players in the dark who hinge on every single morsel of narrative content that spill out the game.

Nexon has chiseled out a dark tale surrounding the Alban Knights attempting to deal with an outbreak of the undead and other horrific monstrosities.

Apart from the new story content, the developers have implemented new gameplay features, such as the new “Squire Training” system where players can maintain the role of a Commander and help mentor and train new soldiers to get good and get strong. It’s kind of cool because Commanders can send squires on missions and quests in order to upgrade their skills and abilities, as well as level-up on their path toward Knighthood.

I’m a little shocked there wasn’t a typical promo trailer to showcase the new content. They did, however, roll out the new features in a nice little bullet-pointed list. You can check them out below.

The G20 update will also feature:

  • New powerful and Crusader Skills
  • New devastating Divine Weapons and Armor
  • New crafting and cash shop items
  • New beautiful locations to explore
  • New Characters

The update for Mabinogi is live right now. The game is still free-to-play whether you download the client from the official website or grab a copy from Steam.

I’m still kind of shocked at how much people still love this game after being up and live for so many years. I guess if it’s the sort of game that gives the die-hard fans what they want, then they’ll just keep coming back for more, eh? Maybe Blizzard could learn a thing or two about that for World of Warcraft.

(Main image courtesy of RR Rosy)


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