Lost In Harmony Free Chapters Available With 1.3 Update

A new “lite” version of Lost in Harmony is currently available for the music-rhythm adventure game from DigiXart Entertainment. The “lite” version of the game is free, containing four chapters from Kaito’s story for players to ride through in order to get a taste of the game.

The update includes some new features for the level editor, where gamers can make their own content – of which they have already made 2,000 levels and shared them with the Lost in Harmony community. The new features in the level editor includes the ability to make shooting stars.

Included in update 1.3 is also the ability to switch between “Swipe” and “Classic controls”, so players have better control and response timing for Kaito based on their preferred play-style.

Steven Payre, programmer at Digixart commented about the recent update, the 2,000 level milestone and the new features, stating…

“Everybody should give themselves a big pat on the back, because this wouldn’t be possible without our players!”[..] “We’re heading towards Lost in Harmony’s 4th month of life, and the community is growing every day, which is definitely something that we are proud of!”

If you don’t remember what Lost in Harmony is about or you want a small sampling of the gameplay, there’s a video below from YouTuber TechzAmazing featuring 15 minutes of gameplay that you can check out below.

Lost in Harmony (iOS/Android) Gameplay HD

Lost in Harmony by Digixart Entertainment Android, iOS,iPhone,iPad Gameplay Trailer. HD video of Lost in Harmony Game. Dive into a fantastic musical odyssey, brought by an immersive soundtrack imagined by famous composers, including Wyclef Jean. Go beyond by creating and sharing your own levels on ANY SONG with the included level editor.

The main goal of the game is to race through a musical odyssey as Kaito attempts to help his friend battling a terminal illness. Players will experience a collection of classic songs remixed for today’s generation of music aficionado, as well as an exclusive track made specifically for the game from Grammy-winner Wyclef Jean.

The art-style and music-rhythm gameplay has helped draw in a sizable audience and DigiXart Entertainment seems intent of keeping the title updated regularly. You can grab the first four chapters from free by visiting the iTunes app store or you can just purchase the game for 25% off for one week only, starting today April 28th and lasting up until May 5th, next week.


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