Lince Works Announces Aragami To Debut This Fall For PC And PS4

Once entitled as Twin Souls: The Path of Shadows, developer Lince Works has announced that it will follow under a new moniker — Aragami. Set to debut sometime this year around the Fall for PC and PS4, Aragami will test shadow-bending ninjas’ abilities to uncover their past while mastering the arts of stealth.

Publisher Merge Games, and developer Lince Works, have a new game set to launch this Fall with a glowing red capped ninja that will gauge the ability of players’ stealth and shadow mastery. In other words, it’s just another game to test master stealth YouTuber StealthGamerBR’s skills.

To be honest, you could say that the game came out of nowhere like a ninja, unless you followed its failed Kickstarter than you might know what it is. But aside from that, it’s back and ready to release later this year, and with that said it follows many principles of other stealth games like Splinter Cell, Dishonored and Tenchu.

Aragami 2As players advance through the game, powers and abilities will grow and allow you to travel shadow to shadow without ever being seen. This will evolve over the course of your progression so that you can plan your assassinations and strategies, accordingly and efficiently.

Taking it back to its original name (Twin Souls), the two souls of Aragami and Yamio share the same destiny. However, they are separated and must find each other. This obviously challenges players to fight their way through Kyuryu to reach Yamiko and uncover the secrets blocking your path. With that summed up, you can check out the new official trailer below.

Those looking forward to the upcoming stealth game will have to wait sometime before jumping into the once failed Kicksterter project, which will debut this Fall. Aragami will be available for PC and PS4 this year.


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