Lawbreakers Alpha Testing Sign-Ups Open To The Public

The alpha testing phase for Cliffy B’s upcoming Lawbreakers has been opened up to the public. Gamers wanting to play-test the first-person arena shooter can attempt to do so by signing up right now over on the official website.

This opening of the alpha test follows after a private event was held for gaming media, live-streamers and YouTubers. This allowed certain media personalities to play-test the title and get in their early impressions ahead of the game opening up to the public.

For the public alpha test Boss Key Productions have added in some new content that gamers can look forward to, with the press release stating…

“Boss Key has expanded their cast of ruthless antiheroes. Hellion and Bomchelle have joined the side of the “Law”, and two more characters, Kintaro and Toska-9, are allied with the “Breakers”. These new killers round out the current slate of characters involved in this brutal conflict and give both sides mirrored roles with complementary weapons and abilities”

Following on the announcement about the private test with media, they also announced the change in the art-style for the game to reflect the more serious tone they’re going for and to separate the game from all the Pixar clones running around right now.

You can see some of the footage of the game in action with the revamped art-style from the closed media presentation where Nexon and Boss Key flew out a bunch of people to play the title, courtesy of YouTuber Flabaliki.

It reminds me of Dirty Bomb meets Unreal Tournament.

There are so many first-person shooters out there all seemingly borrowing variations of gameplay from Call of Duty and the standard arena shooter format that it’s sometimes hard to get excited about them unless they really, distinctly separate themselves from everything else out there. It’s crazy but in the indie space right now with companies like Devolver Digital publishing some wildly innovative games, going back to seeing more standard titles with standard FPS gameplay mechanics can sometimes deflate the excitement.

Boss Key has a while to change minds as they move through the alpha and beta testing phases and further refine the gameplay. If you’re in the mood for another arena shooter you can learn more or sign-up for the alpha test by visiting the official Lawbreakers website.


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