Last Blade 2 Coming To PS4, PS Vita May 24th

One of the most beautifully designed fighting games of all time is set to arrive on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita on May 24th. The game arrived during the twilight years of the Neo Geo, marking the end of one era and start of another.

SNK Playmore’s development director Keisuke Nishikawa, mentioned on the PlayStation Blog that The Last Blade 2 would offer gamers an HD presentation of the timeless classic, along with cross-platform compatibility so gamers can save their progress and continue from the PS4 to the PS Vita with ease. Nishikawa further stated…

“ […] our beloved The Last Blade Series artist Tonko recently illustrated a new visual of “LB2” for a recently held fighting game tournament here in Japan! In celebration of this upcoming Neo Geo classic headed to PlayStation Store, we hope you enjoy her cute and super-deformed style in this new hand-drawn visual.”

You can check out Tonko’s illustration below.

The Last Blade 2

It hearkens back to a time where fighting games were at their prime and SNK was practically untouchable. Last Blade 2 featured a great soundtrack, amazing background visuals, and beautifully animated characters who were paid a great amount of attention to the detail of their fighting characteristics, their martial arts and the technical prowess required to master each combatant.

Code Mystics is handling the emulated port and hopes to bring all of the skill, technical gameplay and beautiful visuals to a new generation of gamer.

The one thing that really stood out to me was how respectful SNK was of the martial arts, especially with Lee Rekka, who, to this day, is still probably the best representation of Shaolin kung-fu in a fighting game (no disrespect to Kung Lao).

The character was basically an homage to Jet Li’s Wong Fei Hong in the period piece series, Once Upon A Time In China. The setting and transitional era in China and Japan during that time is one of the highlights of Last Blade 2, which is what really helped it stand out amongst other fighting games during that time.

It was like a bladed serenade to the dying era of sword fighting.

You can look for The Last Blade 2 in its HD glory make a return to form on the PS Vita and PS4 starting May 24th, next month.


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4 thoughts on “Last Blade 2 Coming To PS4, PS Vita May 24th

  1. For all the flak this generation is receiving over its fascination with ports and remakes (fairly IMO), there are some true crown jewels coming out.

    I never had a Neo Geo but I did play this one briefly on Neo Geo emulator on PC. It is indeed beautifully animated and very true to many Wushu Styles, Swordsman Wushu Styles actually, it’s a decent windows to the true world of martial arts in China. Most fighting characters inspired in Wushu styles fight using fists instances (Kuen/Quan), not weapon stances.

    My encounter with LB2 was brief because I didn’t manage to get a controller working on the emulator and if you ever had to play hardcore fighting games on a keyboard… heh…

    If I’m not mistaken, there’s a port of LB2 on Wii as well, by the means of the virtual console, but god damn it I hate Wii controls, even third party ones don’t suffice for me (as I grew up playing Playstation mostly, I think my hands have developed meat sockets for dualshock style grips as I can’t stand X360 style either)

    I’m definitely giving this game another try now, at least to show support for the old SNK.

    Now, if the world of ports and remakes wants to give me another crown jewel Square-Enix needs to port Valkyrie Profile 1! They’re making Valkyrie Anatomia anyways, it wouldn’t be too far fetched.

    1. Except that Valkyrie Anatomia is just a phone game because of the huge shift towards phone game market. So it would be far-fetched to port Valkyrie Profile 1 to new consoles because there’s less money there now.

      Last Blade 1 and 2 are definitely good games. There are a bunch of Neo Geo emulators now. You should be able to get a controller working. If you have a PS3 or PS4 pad, try XInput Wrapper or

      I personally think there’s a difference between remakes/ports of games that just came out recently, for the sake of a very small increase in visual fidelity or to promote a new console, and re-releasing amazing games of old that everyone wanted to play, but couldn’t for whatever reason. Last Blade 2 is one of the latter, of course.

      But it still says something when so many old games are vastly superior to recent games.

      1. Yeah, I know it will be a shitty mobile title, there are some artworks out now and they already killed Lenneth’s character… but I can dream can’t I? I would be happy with VP1 at least on PSN, it doesn’t need to be even VP: Lenneth, PS1 version would be enough. But remembering now how much of a jackass Square-Enix is to their older titles guess I’ll just die waiting. There are many very good titles of them not available anywhere.

        I agree with the remake/ports point. It makes no sense to remake something that is not even two generations old, it’s just rehashing. A think a good rule of thumb would be wait for 15 to 20 years to remake something, less than that and you’re just repeating yourself.

        True for old game. I believe game development, in general, has gone through changes, producing changes, that makes the art of making good games a process of sheer luck.

        Game dev teams in old days were smaller, more informal, more hardworking and focused on the game itself instead of just their jobs and careers, many would perform functions way beyond their duty. You could truly see cohesive direction in their creation.

        Today, teams are so fractured, either because they’re enormous or because they don’t communicate much with each other as the game development pipeline has been industrialized for output instead of direction, that the games themselves end-up being just a stitched mess of assets that makes no sense with one another, have no natural flux or clear direction, it just scrambled all over place. You find so fucked up shit in their game design that you’re only reaction would be “What the fuck were they thinking?!” and the only answer for that would be “They weren’t, they were barely communicating with each other, they were just following producing orders from dickhead who barely explained or tested anything”.

        You can still find oldschool development philosophy in some indies and eastern tittles but is becoming rarer by the day.

  2. I honestly prefer the original Last Blade, even though I know the second game is more finely tuned. But they always only port the second game.

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