HunieCam Studio Lands On Twitch’s Banned List For Unknown Reasons

If you had plans on live-streaming HunieCam Studio from developer HuniePot, don’t! The game, just after it was released, was added to Twitch’s list of titles that are prohibited from being streamed on the service.

After the game was added to the list (as noted by KiA) there were a flurry of questions about why the game was added to the list. Developer HuniePot sent out a warning via Twitter to streamers not to stream the game on Twitch, because it could get their Twitch account banned. It’s mentioned that HitBox.Tv and YouTube Gaming are safe havens, though.

HuniePot on Twitter

HunieCam Studio BANNED from twitch. Do NOT stream HCS on twitch!


HuniePot on Twitter

Hitbox and Youtube are fine. As far as I know you can stream on either of those platforms.

It’s a strange thing to have the developer tell you not to stream their game on a popular service for reasons unknown.

In fact, that’s one of the things that has a lot of people questioning why the game is banned on Twitch? While the title itself is themed around running a webcam operation, dealing with all manner of sordid topical matters that come with the operation, it isn’t a graphic game. There is no actual sexual content, according to the people who have played it, just some risque CG images that can be unlocked after completing certain aspects of the game.

As noted on Twitch’s own banned list, games that are rated “Adults Only” are prohibited from being streamed, along with a list of mostly Japanese games and visual novels with a lot of sexual content.

However, HunieCam Studio – while salacious in its themes and cheeky in its tone – doesn’t dabble in actual sex, nor does it have an “Adults Only” rating. So why the ban?

Well, there’s nothing about it on the Twitch support channel on Twitter, yet. I did ask them about it just before writing this article, so if they decide to respond I’ll provide an update with their explanation.

It would probably be helpful if they added links to every game they ban, with a short reason as to why the game is banned. Their banning and administration policies are very similar to the way things are run at N4G. The good thing in this case is that users aren’t restricted to a monopoly with Twitch, they can very well head to YouTube Gaming or HitBox.Tv to get their fix of live-streaming as well.

For now, though, you’ll just have to settle for not live-streaming HunieCam Studio, assuming you had any intentions on doing so. On the upside, when Twitch wrongly banned Senran Kagura games, they did later walk back on the decision, so maybe they might consider doing the same in this case… maybe.

Then again, Twitch also banned Yandere Simulator and to this day we still don’t know why.


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7 thoughts on “HunieCam Studio Lands On Twitch’s Banned List For Unknown Reasons

  1. I honestly think their are some sjw’s/feminist that run twitch and their doing this to spite GG somehow.

  2. Can we admire the irony of a game that’s almost a twitch streamer simulator being banned from streaming on twitch tho?

    Besides that I’m sad to see twitch getting more and more sjw retarded over time.
    They practically hold a disgusting monopoly over monetizable streaming (other venues exist but are not really viable for streamer to make a living).

    Banning huniecam takes the prize tho, they’ve banned other stuff but never something quite like this, it’s not lewd, it’s not really fanservicey thanks to the art style, it’s just raunchy fun.

    Shame it’s getting banned, I’m not going to play it but I would have enjoyed some streamers playing it.

  3. Twitch have proven themselves time and time again to be run by huge assholes. It’s no surprise then that they have become so popular and trusted. Because that’s how this world works.

  4. The only thing that comes to mind are the stabs at SJW apostles Harper and Quin with the unlockable hairstyles. Like the short blue hair being called ‘crystal meth’.

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