Hitman Episode 2 Trailer Reveals A Secret Lab

IO Interactive and Square Enix revealed a new trailer for the upcoming release of Episode 2 of Hitman, due to drop next week on April 26th. The trailer is still short and sweet like the ones that preceded it, but offers a few glimpses at some locations we haven’t seen before from the Sapienza map.

The fictional little town off the coast of Italy looks sparkling and gorgeous in the trailer. We get a brief glimpse of a beach front, some tourist attractions in a town square, as well as a look across a open patio at a restaurant. It all looks gorgeous and you can check it out in the video below.

The thing that I find most impressive is that very short but poignant clip of lab. It’s a nice wide angle shot inside of a sterile looking workspace where we see computers, equipment and testing mechanisms littering the tables and covering nearly every usable inch of desk space.

The quick image could have just as easily fooled anyone into thinking that it was a real life shot inside a lab. In fact, I almost did think it was a real life, live-action shot inside a lab. Check it out below to get a closer look.

Hitman Episode 2 - Image23

If you examine it enough you can spot out a couple of things that make it look like a 3D render, but on first glance it looks too good to be true.

What gives it away is that there’s just a hint of specular highlighting along the crease of the doctor’s pants, which simply does not exist in real life. Also, under those lighting conditions the self-shadowing between the underarm of the doctor in the center of the screen and the side of his lab coat should be lighter, not darker. The light being cast from up above covering both angles would make the shadows far less pronounced.

However, everything else looks drop dead fantastic. The physical based lighting reflecting off the walls and interior is fantastic. The refraction and reflective distortion from the edges of metal and glass objects are almost spot-on realistic. Very, very impressive stuff.

Hitman’s second episode is set to release on April 26th for PS4, PC and Xbox One. You can learn more about the game by paying a visit to the official website.


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