Heroes Of Skyrealm, Strategy-RPG Game Set For Summer Release

Mechanist Games’ Heroes of Skyrealm took me by surprise. The 3D, hybrid, strategy based, action-RPG is a fantastic looking mix of base management, role-playing, tower-based defense, and action-oriented combat. A beta test is scheduled to take place soon as the game heads toward its summer release.

The game features 30 different playable characters, each with their own special abilities, skills and personalities, as well as a string of combinations that can be made by grouping the characters together in teams of three.

Players will be able to partake in either PvE or PvP scenarios where they take their upgradeable and customizable airship either up into the stratosphere for asymmetric PvP base battles not unlike Clash of Clans, or down below where they can engage in the story mode to progress through the game’s campaign.

You can see what the game looks like in an oldie but goodie trailer below.

Heroes of Skyrealm Mobile Action RPG – Prerelease Gameplay Trailer

https://www.heroesofskyrealm.com – Sign up for the official Heroes of Skyrealm newsletter for fresh updates, and an EXCLUSIVE bonus pack at launch! About Heroes of Skyrealm: The conquest of the Ten Nations has begun. Strike back in Heroes of Skyrealm – coming soon for iOS and Android!

So essentially you can acquire upgrades and goods as you travel around, outfitting and modifying your base just like in Orcs Must Die or Dungeon Defenders. This is the tower-defense aspect of the game. As you level up and increase your defenses it protects you against players attempting to invade your base. Your airship also works as the hub where you assign skills, level up your characters and check your stats.

In the actual game the combat can be played either through the touch-screen or with mobile controllers, with the skills attached to icons on the screen.

Heroes of Skyrealm also borrows a bit from Chrono Trigger when it comes to team combos, where players can perform cooperative combos against other enemies. The battles play out pretty fast-paced, so timing and reflexes are key.

I like the concept of this game… being able to play through the story mode and level up the characters while also having a more persistent online mode with the asynchronous multiplayer where players can defend and attack other airship bases.

Heroes of the Skyrealm is set to arrive this summer on iOS and Android devices. If the controls are better refined for PC or consoles, it wouldn’t be a bad game on major gaming platforms.

You can learn more about the hybrid strategy-RPG by visiting the official website.


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