GTA 5’s Fight Club Mod Lets You Earn Money Fighting

Fancy throwing some haymakers at some roughhouse ruffians in an underground fight arena? Well, there’s a mod for that. GTA V continues to regularly receive some amazing mods, and one of them happens to turn the game into Fight Club.

The Fight Club mod was scripted by jedijosh920. This BAMF managed to make a multi-round add-on for GTA V that sees players earning some dosh while beating opponents into bloody pulps. As you progress through the rounds you can earn enough cash to pay for a weapon or call in some back-up so you and a partner can tag-team like Rick and Scott Steiner, beating the crap out of anyone who gets in your way.

There’s a video of the mod in action where you can see josh spanking butts and taking names like he was a doctor in the child ward. Check it out below.

GTA V – Fight Club MOD

I decided to remake my GTA IV mod into V and it is super fun! Download Link:

The script is pretty slick and works quite well. You simply head to the Fight Club shop and start throwing down after you press the button to open it up.

Jedijosh920 mentions…

“Fight Club is a endless fighting arena where your opponents get stronger and larger in numbers every round. You gain a random amount of money each round depending on your performance and how fast you kill your opponents that you can use in the shop to buy health, a random melee weapon, or allies.”

It’s slick, I’ll give him that.

The Euphoria looks pretty good in action here. It’s slightly more refined than what we typically see in the GTA IV fighting sequences, giving more nuance to the weight of wobbly-kneed fighters knocked silly from an equal-opportunity knockout artist, with players cold-clocking human punching bags into next week. I also love the staggered dizziness on display from some of the NPCs who stand there for a while cross-legged and completely out of their mind before tipping over like a chainsaw-drunk tree meeting the ground.

Anyway, I’m shocked Rockstar didn’t add in a Fight Club mode after it was done so well in the Ballad of Gay Tony, but I’m glad modders managed to bring the mode back with the mod in GTA V.

You can download the Fight Club mod right now by grabbing the script from over on the GTA5-Mods website.


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