GTA 5 Car Pack Mod Features GTA 4 Vehicles

Modders _CP_, RM76, TheAdmiester and a few others have collaborated together to put together an add-on car pack for GTA V featuring the vehicles from GTA IV, both the vanilla version and the expanded DLC version from Episodes from Liberty City.

According to _CP_, the mod contains many of the basic vehicles and will continue to grow with additional cars, covering the utility service vehicles, pedestrian vehicles, bikes, boats and helicopters. He mentions on the GTA5-Mods page

“The main goal is to convert all missing cars, bikes, boats etc. including Episodes from Liberty City.


“All of them are using current-gen interiors with working gauges, displaying current playing radiostation, mirrors in high quality and more.


“Thanks to RM76 & TheAdmiester, vehicles are spawning in traffic and some of them have tuning parts in Los Santos Customs.”

Users have noted that many of the cars are spawning into the flow of the Los Santos traffic without any problems at all. You can see how well integrated the mod is with the rest of GTA V with the video below from ModCollection.

Some users did note that a few of the vehicles are bugged and there are some odd spawning occurrences, but otherwise the vehicles work as intended. Even still, the fact that the cars have fully working interiors, properly working gauges, completely configured damage models and collision data, speaks volumes to the dedication and time that the modders put into this car pack for GTA V. It’s really quite impressive.

Also, the fact that GTA V allows for add-on mods, it’s nice that the car lists can be expanded as opposed to the limited modding options in GTA IV, where players could only replace the vanilla or DLC cars that were included in the game. This has opened up some great possibilities for new vehicles and additional mods for the game.

You can actually download the entire IVPack GTA IV car pack for GTA V from over on

If you’re curious what sort of cars are included in the pack and what’s available in the current 1.0.090 build, you can check out the car list below:

– Dundreary Admiral
– Grotti Cheetah (Classic) (bonus)
– Bravado Feroci
– Declasse Merit
– Übermacht Rebla
-Vapid Uranus
– Dinka Hakumai
– Annis Pinnacle
– Declasse Sabre
– Declasse Tampa (added in Christmas update)
– Vapid Yankee
– Western Motorcycle Company Angel
– Albany Buccaneer
– Albany Esperanto
– Imponte Phoenix variation
– Declasse Merit Taxi
– Grotti Turismo
-Maibatsu Vincent
– Western Motorcycle Company Freeway
– Übermacht Sentinel
– Albany Presidente
– Vapid Interceptor
– Vapid Contender
– Schyster PMP600
– Ineverto Coquette
– Benefactor Feltzer
– Benefactor Schafter
– Willard Willard – HVY Brickade
– Vapid Bobcat
– Dinka Chavos (by GTA5Korn)
– Imponte DF8-90
– Dinka Double-T (could crash)
– Bravado Feroci Airport
– Declasse Rancher
– Zirconium Stratum Coupe (by Spratan 112)
– Dewbauchee Super GT
– Dundreary Virgo
– Helitour Maverick
– Principe Faggio (disabled)
– Vapid Stanier 2nd gen – Willard Solair
– Emperor Lokus
– Karin Sultan Coupe
– LCC Zombie
– WMC Hellfury
– LCS Nightblade
– Vapid Minivan Taxi (by GTA5Korn)
– Vapid Fortune
– Brute Stockade NOOSE
-Vapid Huntley
– Albany Cavalcade FXT
– Brute Stockade LSPD
– Albany Presidente (new variation)
– Albany Presidente Police
– Willard Marbelle
– Dinka Perennial
– Dinka Perennial FlyUS
– Vapid Steed
– Declasse Merit LSPD (by Yard1 from


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