Grim Dawn Modding Tools Coming Soon

Crate Entertainment announced that modding tools for Grim Dawn would be launching soon… how soon? This week. The tools will enable gamers to create a bevy buffet of new quests, conversations and content.

The news was made over on the official Grim Dawn forum, where the game’s designer revealed some of the different ways in which the tools could be used to create new content, as well as offered a useful FAQ for potential modders.

They answer a lot of questions in the post and reveal some of the possible scenarios modders can create in Grim Dawn, including adding in custom music and sounds, as well as blending in new textures to expand the game world.

Interestingly enough, if you really want to create brand new ways to play, it’s possible with a bit of scripting. As mentioned in the post, it’s also possible to change the loot tables and what drops through scripting…

“You would have to edit all of the item loot tables, but yes, you can completely eliminate certain items from the loot pool with a mod. You can also completely redefine the affix tables by item type as well with the same method.”

Grim Dawn is a crowd-funded game that made its way through Steam Greenlight and is now currently out of Early Access and available to purchase right now. The developers have been consistently updating the game with new content and balance patches, and now they have plans on putting out the new mod tools to help the community grow and expand with new and interesting content.

The isometric, hack-and-slash, loot-and-grind, ARPG has been greatly praised by the majority of gamers for its solid gameplay, dark atmosphere and multiplayer content.

They don’t say at what point during this week the mod tools will go live, but they’ll obviously be present at some point before April ends. You can learn more about Grim Dawn and the latest updates by paying a visit to the official website or the Steam store page.


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