Grand Kingdom For PS4 Will Gain Playable Beta On May 3rd

According to a recent blog post on the, it was noted that fans in the west will be able to try out the beta for Grand Kingdom. Set to come out for the PS4, the beta will start on May 3rd and will end on May 10th. The beta will also keep all save files and progress even into the official release.

Jordan Vincent, Marketing Coordinator of NIS America, took to the to announce that company will host a PS4 beta for the world-conqueror RPG — Grand Kingdom. This beta will arrive in the next couple of weeks on May 3rd, and will let players progress through the world, level up characters and even keep their progress after the beta is over on May 10th.

If you are considering joining the upcoming beta, you can check out the official sign-up process by hitting up

Grand Kingdom beta 3Like most RPGs or games with skills and levels, there are classes that excel in specific roles to enhance other members or make battles a breeze. So far the beta only contains four classes to choose from, which includes the typical Fighter, Witch, Medic and Hunter.

Folks will also find two quests from the single-player campaign in the beta, and three online war battles per day. In addition, it is noted on the blog that you can support a nation and take the necessary steps to help them grow. After coming up with great strategies, fighting relentless battles and developing defenses for that faction, you will be able to do conquer routes and expand into other places.

Grand Kingdom will be available for both PS4 and PS Vita, with a digital and physical release on June 17th in the west. If you want a beta key to sign up, the devs will be handing them out on May 3rd when the beta starts. To learn more, you can check out


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