GamePolitics Shuts Down April 18th

One of the few sites out there that decided to stick to maintaining their ethics and promoting solid content, is closing up shop. Managing editor James Fudge made a heartfelt post recently to discuss the ups and the downs of

According to the post, which went up today on April 4th, the parent company, Entertainment Consumers Association, is taking the site offline for good. They’ll make an archive of the site’s content but it will no longer produce any new content after April 18th.

So why exactly is this happening? Well, they attribute it to life decisions, families and responsibilities outside of the site itself. Fudge explains…

“We did not make this decision lightly and have agonized over the direction of the site for months. Ultimately we decided that it was not fair to our readers to give them less than one-hundred-percent, and that is something we haven’t been able to do for several months due to outside commitments required to make a living and feed our families.”

Fudge recounts some of the big victories against anti-gaming individuals, from Joseph Lieberman to Hillary Clinton to Jack Thompson. He conveniently (and probably wisely) leaves out the new wave of censorship-happy individuals headed up by the likes of controversial figures like Jonathan McIntosh and his associate Anita Sarkeesian. McIntosh arranging for his cohort to get a seat at the United Nations in order to convince them that the gaming industry is full of misogynists, which eventually led them down the path that resulted in the U.N., attempting to ban games in Japan is no easy feat (or at least I would like to hope it isn’t).

Nevertheless, throughout the early goings of #GamerGate, Game Politics was one of the few sites that was willing to come around to offering neutral viewpoints on the matter. Allum Bokhari published a statistical report about which way majority of #GamerGate individuals lean politically, and Brad Glasgow published a very comprehensive piece on GamePolitics about interviewing anonymous individuals using an internet hashtag as a rallying point for a movement prompting for better ethics in media journalism.

Most impressive to me was James Fudge’s apology about the coverage aimed at Brad Wardell regarding the lawsuit surrounding sexual harassment at Stardock Entertainment. Fudge was also one of the few writers to acknowledge being on the Gamer Journo Pros secret e-mail list [Disclosure: I, too, was also on the list] and he was also one of the few journalists who actually covered Afterlife Empire, a game made by feminists based on a crowd-funding campaign whose bill was footed by the denizens of 4chan/8chan, Reddit and the users of the GamerGate hashtag.

While a lot of individuals may not have agreed with James Fudge or everyone else at GamePolitics, they were one of the few websites – over time – that at least offered some neutral standpoints on one of the most divisive and controversial topics in recent years.

Fudge wisely avoids all of the internet ruckus that has occurred over the past two years, and instead rounds out the piece in a celebratory manner, writing…

“[…] let us all say our goodbyes to one another and raise a glass in remembrance to all the good work and great times we had together in this weird, wonderful and unique little corner of the Internet.”

Whether you agreed with the politics on GamePolitics or not, they have covered some very important stories over the year, from Valve being sued by the Germans to Valve being sued by the Australians, and everything else in between… including topics centered around ethics in video game journalism.

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4 thoughts on “GamePolitics Shuts Down April 18th

  1. Kinda sad and ironic that a site called GamePolitics closes down, while all the purported game fan focus sites continue to spam political agenda lies and other nonsense. Most of them don’t or can’t even play games for shit.

    1. Guess that’s go to show they aren’t even interested in politics, it’s all about their feelings and their shitty ideological ideas.

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