Final Fantasy 9 Now Available On Steam

It’s been a long time coming, but Square Enix has finished fixing up the re-release of Final Fantasy IX on PC and released the game on Steam. The classic PSX title brings all the classic gameplay from 16 years ago to Steam.

Final Fnatasy IX has been fitted with HD movies and music for today’s generation of gaming, as well as seven different booster packs to change up the gameplay experience for those who want to goof around and blast through the title with cheat codes on.

The game represents the classic style of JRPG adventuring… back before the real-time battle systems and convoluted stories. Final Fantasy IX was made during a time when Square Enix still made good games and experimented with a lot of original titles.

These days we have Final Fantasy games that take a whole decade to complete and require sales up in the millions to make back the budget and post profits. It’s a real shame because during the 1990s Squaresoft used to make a bunch of timeless games with great stories, memorable adventures, iconic characters and fun battle systems. After Final Fantasy X things really took dive, with modern themes, J-Pop and ridiculous stories taking center stage. In the case of Final Fantasy XV, I don’t even know who the main villain is and we’ve now been exposed to hours worth of gameplay footage.

Anyway, Final Fantas IX comes from a simpler time; it sports Chocobos, mini-games, item collecting, crafting and party customization.

For today’s generation of gamer, Square has implemented autosaves, achievements and trading cards.

You can checkout the gameplay viudeo for the Steam version of Final Fantasy IX below, courtesy of theguardian35.

With more than 5 million copies sold, I’m sure Square is desperately hoping that Final Fantasy XV can achieve the same success as Final Fantasy IX.

If you missed out on the game’s release back on the original PlayStation, you can pick up a digital copy of the game right now on PC $20.99. For the first week of being on sale you can get the game at 20% off for only $16.79. For more info feel free to visit the Steam store page.


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