Far Cry Primal Survival Mode Adds More Challenging Content With Permadeath

According to the official Ubisoft blog, A.K.A Ubiblog, a new Survival mode is now available for Far Cry Primal. The mode makes the game even more difficult for those seeking a harsher climate to live in while they prowl the prehistoric land of Oros.

If you’ve found yourself seeking a much harder challenge in Far Cry Primal, or you are now at the status of StealthGamerBR like in his Dishonored videos or even his Far Cry Primal stealth videos, you might have a new mode to sharpen your skills with.

Moreover, if you don’t want to read through the whole wall of content featured on that picture below, the TL:DR version can be summed up as, the Survival mode makes everything more deadlier and less streamlined. Additionally, this will affect how much you are healed when eating food, to making the nights much darker and last longer.

Farcry Primal update 2Adding on to the “succumbing to death quicker” mode, the mini map will be disabled along with limited amounts of resources that one can obtain. So in other words, if you don’t know what you are doing and are out and about making stuff, chances are you won’t live long since day time will be the only time for proper hunting and crafting.

Furthermore, if you have a bipedal, winged or four-legged companion on your side, they’ll be much more fragile than before. This makes battles a bit different since they can’t soak up as much damage as they could before.

Additionally, if you should choose to play Primal on the newly added Survival mode and survive being stripped of nearly everything, you will only have one shot at surviving. The permadeath will ensure that you either go for broke with a slim chance of continuing, or progress with caution until your one life is replenished.

Lastly, folks on PC will be treated to a new 4K option for their beast rigs in the latest update for Far Cry Primal. This latest update with the Survival Mode is free for those that own the main game either for PC, PS4 or Xbox One.


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